Johnson & Johnson Announces Research Study with Apple Watch to Help Improve AFib Outcomes Including Stroke Prevention

Johnson & Johnson to collaborate with Apple to assess impact of wearable technology on earlier detection of AFib, improved diagnosis and patient outcomes

Up to 30 percent of AFib cases go undiagnosed until life-threatening complications occur, signaling a critical need for more efficient and scalable screening methods.


The study aims to analyze the impact of Apple Watch on the early detection and diagnosis of AFib, and the potential to improve outcomes including the prevention of stroke. A multi-year research program will be launched later in 2019. This large-scale program will occur in the U.S. only, and will be designed as a pragmatic randomized controlled research study for individuals age 65 years or older.

The study’s goals include:

  • Measuring the outcomes of a heart health engagement program with irregular rhythm notifications on Apple Watch.
  • Assessing the impact of a medication adherence program using an app from Johnson & Johnson.

About AFib
AFib is an irregular heartbeat that can lead to the formation of blood clots resulting in stroke, heart failure and other potentially devastating complications. AFib is the most common sustained arrhythmia, increases stroke risk five-fold, and accounts for almost one-third of all strokes.[ii] Because blood clots formed in the heart can be large, AFib-caused strokes tend to damage large areas of the brain, which typically leads to a higher risk of death, significant damage and increased cost of treatment and care. Around 20% of individuals who experience a stroke were not aware of their underlying AFib condition.[iii]

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