Great Anniversary Congress – 50th TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2019, from 28th May –1st June

Top-class programme focusing on:

Gynaecology and Andrology, Fu Qing-zhu: Gynaecology of the Early Qing Dynasty

The 50th TCM Kongress Rothenburg takes place from 28th May–1st June 2019 in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This year the focus will be on “Gynaecology and Andrology, Fu Qing-zhu: Gynaecology from the Early Qing Dynasty”.

The TCM Kongress Rothenburg celebrates its 50th birthday in 2019, and over the years has developed into one of the most renowned international congresses for Chinese medicine. This year the TCM Kongress Rothenburg focuses on socially relevant issues: gynaecology, fertility treatment and pregnancy. In addition, andrology, the less popular, but equally important treatment of men and their specific ailments, is a focus of attention.

About 15 percent of all couples in Europe are involuntarily childless and this curve moves exponentially upwards. Many women have been suffering with severe menstrual pain or disorders since they were young. At the same time, the desire to have children is increasingly postponed into later phases of life, which makes conception more difficult and increases the risk of complications and miscarriages.

Chinese medicine with acupuncture and herbal drug therapy has a thousand-year-old wealth of experience in regulating the female menstrual cycle and reducing discomfort. In addition, the use of Chinese medicine in fertility treatment increases the chances of pregnancy. This is often treated in an integrated way involving Western clinical medicine to achieve synergistic effects. The aim is also to have a positive influence on the health of the mother and the unborn child.

Chinese medicine also has much to offer in the field of andrology. Nowadays, the quality of men’s sperm is rapidly decreasing. To an ever-greater extent, this is the reason for male infertility. Convincing solutions enable an improvement of sperm quality through acupuncture, herbal drug therapy and nutritional counselling. Another massively increasing problem is the loss of potency and libido, even at a young age. Functional disorders such as these, but also, for example, prostate problems, can be treated outstandingly with Chinese medicine.

“Chinese Medicine makes a practical and valuable contribution to the prevention and treatment of special women’s and men’s diseases through its integrative understanding of health. Many TCM therapists specialising in gynaecology or andrology are already working very successfully with fertility centres in Western medicine,” explains Julia Stier, head of the TCM Kongress Rothenburg. “We are delighted that we have been able to recruit top-class and experienced speakers on this important topic for this year’s congress.”

The five-day congress programme offers a wide range of courses covering Chinese herbal drug therapy, acupuncture, Tuina, dietetics, Taijiquan and Qigong in the treatment of gynaecological and andrological disorders.

Therefore, an acupuncture course deals specifically with “TCM Strategies to Boost Sperm Quality“. The herbal drug seminar “Relieving Symptoms Caused by Uterine Fibroid using TCM Herbs” offers assistance for many women affected by benign tumours.

Nutrition to improve health and well-being is finally highlighted in another course that provides an interface between modern research and ancient Chinese teachings. The dietetics seminar “Endometriosis and Menstruation Problems – Healing with the Power of Nutrition” deals with optimising the diet in order to alleviate this often-painful gynaecological disorder.

Special theme days on paediatrics, fertility, integrative TCM therapy in fertility treatment, the theme day on TCM research, and the Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine (China) symposia enable participants of the TCM Kongress Rothenburg to set their own priorities for training and further education and to maintain contact among colleagues.

A packed programme with top class speakers

In total, the 50th TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2019 offers an extremely comprehensive and top-class programme in all disciplines of classical Chinese medicine (diagnostics, acupuncture, herbal drug therapy, dietetics, Tuina massage and Qigong/Taijiquan): Over 100 internationally renowned TCM experts will present more than 150 lectures, courses, European meetings and panel discussions at the highest level. This makes the TCM Kongress Rothenburg an ideal platform for the international exchange of various TCM topics. Therefore, TCM therapists will find a first-class event for their own education and training – regardless of whether they work as an alternative practitioner, medical doctor, pharmacist or any other TCM practitioner.

The organisers – the AGTCM (Association for Classical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine) – expect more than 1000 participants this year from approximately 40 countries. Therefore, the TCM Kongress Rothenburg is the largest congress of Chinese medicine outside Asia.

Registration and Information

The TCM Kongress Rothenburg is aimed at TCM therapists from all professions (medical doctors, alternative practitioners, massage therapists etc.). For more information, programme and registration under:

About the AGTCM – Organiser of the TCM Kongress Rothenburg

The AGTCM – Association for Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine – ( is an interdisciplinary professional association for Chinese medicine which is committed to the highest quality in the teaching and application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The AGTCM was founded in 1954 and today has approximately 1,700 members, most of whom practice TCM as alternative practitioners or as medical doctors. It belongs to the most important association for Chinese medicine in Germany and with its five partner schools secures the highest training standards for acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, Tuina and Qigong (

AGTCM supports patients in their search for suitable TCM therapists in their local area ( and provides them with criteria for the quality of TCM treatments.

The AGTCM organizes the TCM Kongress Rothenburg (o.d.T.) every year, which has established itself in recent decades as the most renowned TCM congress in the Western world. Furthermore, the AGTCM internationally dedicates itself to the interests of TCM – for example, as a founding member of the European TCM Association (ETCMA) ( in which organizations from 18 European countries work together.

For more information about the AGTCM, see:

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