International Wellness Industry Expo 2019 (Wellness China 2019)

Review of Wellness China 2018:

On a show floor of 10,000sqm, over 180 exhibitors gathered for the show, including Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., XPH, Millennium Wormwood, Renfu Medical Group, Tongtai, Hairmetto, Belik, BOSUN, Top Healthy Medical Group, YAO SHENG TANG, ZHONG KE RUI ZHI, Asia Medical Travel, TAKARA HOLDINGS INC., and etc. 83% the exhibitors spoke highly of the exhibition and are willing to join again next year.

Preview of Wellness China 2019:

As a new highlight of Chinese economy, the mushrooming Big Health Market has immeasurable potentials to achieve a size of over RMB 8,000 billion by 2020, predicted CIConsulting. Wellness China 2019 targets at both professionals and the general public, covering an exhibition area of 20,000 sqm, with over 250 exhibitors displaying all range of products from the wellness and health industry.

 Exhibition Scope:

  • Wellness Institutes: Wellness resorts / spa, sports health clubs, Chinese medical health clubs,medical cosmetics and surgery plastic institutes, etc.
  • Food Supplement: Dried fruits, organic tea, organic meat, organic liquor, functional food & beverages, ginseng, donkey-hide gelatin, maca, dendrobe, etc.
  • Chinese Medicine: Native medicinal materials, Chinese and Western medicines, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Healthcare Equipment: Mineral spa equipment, Artemisia arborescens treatment equipment, massage device, Chinese Medicine boiler, medicine cutter, etc.
  • Wellness and Health Management: Health management and health care consultancy institutes, massage service, medical treatment technology, etc.
  • Wellness and Cosmetics: Functional cosmetics, breast enhancing product, eye care products, etc.
  • Wellness Supplies: Far infrared / magnetic / antibacterial textile products, cleaning appliance, health care appliance, etc.
  • Wellness Environment: Air condition supplies like air purifier, dehumidifier, humidifier, oxygen device, negative ion generator, etc.
  • Wellness Organization and Media

Contact US:

Organizer: Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

Contact person: Ms. Mandy Tsang

Tel+86 20 29037372

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