2024 Antibiotic Collaboration Trends: 133 Deals by Top Life Science Companies Since 2016

The Antibiotic Collaboration and Licensing Deals 2016-2024 report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offerings.

This report provides a comprehensive understanding and unprecedented access to antibiotic deals made by the world’s leading biopharma companies, covering agreements from 2016 to 2024. It details the various types of deals, including collaboration, development, research, and licensing agreements.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Listing: The report includes 133 antibiotic deals announced since 2016, detailing financial terms where available and providing links to online deal records and contract documents.
  • Analysis and Trends: Numerous tables and figures illustrate trends and activities in antibiotic deal-making since 2016.
  • Directory: An extensive deal directory organized by company, deal type, and therapeutic target, with links to online versions of deal records and contract documents.

Chapter Breakdown:

  1. Introduction: An overview of the report.
  2. Trends Overview: Analysis of antibiotic deal-making trends since 2016.
  3. Leading Deals: Overview of top antibiotic deals since 2016, listed by headline value.
  4. Top Companies: Detailed listings and summaries of the top 25 companies in antibiotic deal-making.
  5. Detailed Review: In-depth analysis of antibiotic deals announced since January 2016, with available contract documents.
  6. Technology Focus: Review of antibiotic partnering deals by specific antibiotic technology type.

Report Scope:

  • Trends: Insights into antibiotic deal-making trends in the biopharma industry.
  • Directory: Records of antibiotic deals in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.
  • Leading Deals: High-value antibiotic deals.
  • Active Dealmakers: Most active companies in antibiotic licensing deals.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand Trends: Analyze deal trends since 2016.
  • Benchmark Analysis: Identify market values of transactions.
  • Financial Terms: Access details on upfront payments, milestones, and royalties.
  • Comprehensive Directory: Search deals by company, type, and therapy area.
  • Due Diligence: Assess the suitability of deal terms for partner companies.
  • Save Time: Reduce research time by accessing contract agreements and insights into deal structures.

The report allows for detailed due diligence, answering key questions about rights granted, exclusivity, payment structures, sales and payment audits, deal terms, IPR handling, commercialization responsibilities, development and manufacturing, and confidentiality management.

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