AbbVie Bolsters Dedication to Science and Innovation: Allocates €150 Million for State-of-the-Art Research Hub in Germany

AbbVie Initiates Construction of State-of-the-Art Research Hub, “LUnA,” in Germany with €150 Million Investment

AbbVie has commenced the construction of its new central research building, dubbed “LUnA” (LUdwighafens neue Arbeitswelt), solidifying its commitment with approximately €150 million investment in its second-largest Research and Development (R&D) location globally. Situated on the main campus, the cutting-edge research and laboratory facility will accommodate over 300 researchers and scientists.

The facility will boast modern and sustainable infrastructure features, fostering flexible working conditions conducive to enhanced scientific collaboration across various research domains. It will also integrate automation and digital research capabilities to further augment innovation.

This investment underscores AbbVie’s dedication to its Rhineland-Palatinate site, which houses more than 2,000 employees, emphasizing its pivotal role within AbbVie’s global network. These employees collectively contribute significantly to advancing AbbVie’s pipeline, focusing on developing novel therapies spanning oncology, neuroscience, and immunology, with the potential to positively impact millions of patients worldwide.

Martin Gastens, Vice President of Biologics Drug Product Development and Managing Director R&D at AbbVie Germany, elucidated, “The construction of our ‘LUnA’ research building represents not just a €150 million investment in cutting-edge infrastructure, but a testament to our commitment to fostering future scientific endeavors at AbbVie. We aim to cultivate an environment that attracts top talent and sustains groundbreaking research in the long term.”

Malu Dreyer, Minister President of Rhineland-Palatinate, expressed pride in AbbVie’s investment, highlighting the state’s trajectory toward becoming a leading biotechnology and life sciences hub. Dreyer emphasized the government’s dedication to creating conducive business and research environments, lauding AbbVie’s investment as a testament to their collaborative efforts.

Azita Saleki-Gerhardt, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at AbbVie, underscored the significance of the Ludwigshafen site as a hub for research, development, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, pivotal to AbbVie’s future growth trajectory. Saleki-Gerhardt highlighted AbbVie’s longstanding partnership with Germany, with investments totaling approximately €250 million euros since 2020.

Tom Hudson, MD, Senior Vice President of Global Research and Chief Scientific Officer at AbbVie, highlighted LUnA’s potential to foster scientific exchange and propel laboratory automation and digital research, furthering AbbVie’s pursuit of breakthrough medicines.

The groundbreaking ceremony witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, including Minister President Malu Dreyer, Parliamentary State Secretary Mario Brandenburg, and Lord Mayor Jutta Steinruck, alongside global AbbVie representatives. The research building is slated for completion in 2027, marking a significant milestone in AbbVie’s commitment to scientific innovation.

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