Actylis Announces Appointment of Scott Thomson as Chief Executive Officer

Actylis, a prominent global manufacturer and sourcing expert specializing in critical materials and performance ingredients for life sciences and specialty chemicals, has appointed Scott Thomson as its new Chief Executive Officer. Thomson brings over thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, having recently served as CEO of SPI Pharma, a leading provider of pharmaceutical ingredients and services. During his tenure, Thomson played a pivotal role in advancing strategic development and execution.

Prior to his role at SPI Pharma, Thomson held senior executive positions at BASF, overseeing global life science and specialty ingredients businesses. His appointment marks a strategic move for Actylis as it aims to expand its client-centric service model and product offerings across diverse geographies and applications.

Rakesh Sachdev, Chairman of Actylis, expressed enthusiasm about Thomson’s appointment, highlighting his proven track record in driving long-term growth. The company also acknowledged Gilles Cottier for his leadership over the past five years and wished him well in retirement.

Joe Walker, Managing Director at New Mountain Capital, noted the transformative journey of Actylis since the firm’s investment in 2019. Under New Mountain’s guidance, Actylis has significantly grown through strategic acquisitions, enhancing its global footprint across various high-growth markets including pharma, biopharma, nutrition, agri-science, cosmetics, and specialty chemicals.

Andre Moura, Managing Director at New Mountain Capital, emphasized Actylis’ potential for sustained growth, citing its strong market position and value proposition. The firm looks forward to supporting Thomson and the management team in realizing Actylis’ long-term strategic goals.

Actylis operates a robust hybrid manufacturing and sourcing model, leveraging a global network of GMP and non-GMP facilities and strategic partners. This approach ensures flexibility and reliability in delivering tailored solutions that meet rigorous quality and regulatory standards for customers worldwide.

In his statement, Scott Thomson expressed gratitude for the opportunity to lead Actylis during this pivotal phase. He highlighted the potential for further growth and development, both organically and through strategic initiatives, underscoring Actylis’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Actylis, headquartered in Port Washington, New York, boasts over 75 years of industry experience and employs over 800 professionals across 10 countries. The company continues to innovate in R&D, product development, manufacturing, and regulatory compliance to serve its diverse customer base in pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, nutrition, cosmetics, agri-science, and specialty chemicals.

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New Mountain Capital, based in New York, focuses on long-term capital appreciation through business building and growth strategies across private equity, credit, and net lease investments. The firm manages approximately $50 billion in assets under management and partners with industry leaders to enhance company value.

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