Aetna Grants $400K for Roanoke, VA Residential Facility Helping Moms with Substance Use Disorder

Aetna Better Health of Virginia, a CVS Health® company, has pledged $400,000 to Restoration Housing to facilitate the acquisition of a property in Roanoke, Virginia. This property will be utilized by the Twelve Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting pregnant and postpartum women grappling with substance use disorder along with their infants.

The facility will function as an ASAM 3.1 establishment, operating concurrently with ASAM 2.5 and featuring a step-down provision to ASAM 2.1 within its premises. It will offer comprehensive services including substance use disorder case management, medication-assisted treatment, and individual therapy for residents. The program will prioritize medical care coordination for both mothers and their infants. Aetna is the exclusive funding source for the property acquisition, situated at 1729 Patterson Avenue.

Joel Gray, CEO of Aetna Better Health of Virginia, expressed pride in supporting this initiative, emphasizing Aetna’s dedication to enhancing community health and addressing multifaceted healthcare needs.

Restoration Housing, a nonprofit specializing in affordable housing development, will oversee the property’s refurbishment, ensuring ADA compliance and the installation of necessary facilities. The transformed property will serve as supportive treatment housing for pregnant women, new mothers, and their children. Renovations are slated for completion in fall 2024, with programming guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.

Isabel Thornton, Executive Director of Restoration Housing, conveyed gratitude for Aetna’s substantial donation, underscoring the facility’s potential to offer comprehensive care to vulnerable women and infants in the community.

Following the renovation, the Twelve Foundation will administer programming at the property, stepping in to fill the void left by the closure of Bethany Hall. The supportive programming aims to cater to approximately 28 women and 28 infants annually through a range of services including medicated treatment, peer recovery support, and postpartum care.

Ali Hamed-Moore, a Board Member of the Twelve Foundation, highlighted the pressing need for such services in the community, expressing confidence in the collaboration with Aetna to address the challenges of substance use disorder among mothers.

Beyond this contribution, Aetna Better Health of Virginia remains committed to tackling housing insecurity in Roanoke and throughout the state. CVS Health’s investments in affordable, senior, and supportive housing initiatives, including the creation or preservation of 304 units in Roanoke County and 6,895 affordable homes statewide, exemplify this commitment. Overall, CVS Health has dedicated over $50 million to affordable housing efforts.

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