Affini-T Therapeutics Completes $175 Million Financing Co-Led by Vida Ventures and Leaps by Bayer to Advance Groundbreaking T Cell Therapies for Solid Tumor Patients with Oncogenic Driver Mutations

Co-founded at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center with Phil Greenberg, M.D., Aude Chapuis, M.D., and Tom Schmitt, Ph.D., and Vida Ventures along with serial entrepreneurs Arjun Goyal, M.D., M.Phil., and Jak Knowles, M.D./ Foundational cell therapy platform builds upon seminal work from co-founders, leveraging a T Cell Receptor (TCR) discovery engine and suite of synthetic biology components intending to develop potentially best-in-class therapies targeting oncogenic driver mutations like KRAS and p53

Affini-T Rectifiers,Inc., a biotechnology company unleashing the power of T cells against oncogenic motorist mutations, moment blazoned the completion of an oversubscribed$ 175 million backingco-led by Vida Gambles and Hops by Bayer, the impact investment unit of Bayer. Fresh investors sharing in the round include Humboldt Fund, The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, Catalio Capital Management, Agent Capital, Alexandria Venture Investments, Erasca Ventures, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and other leading blue chip life wisdom investors. With proceeds from this backing, the company will operationalize its platform discovery machine and seek to drive multiple oncogene motorist programs into the clinic while pursuing reciprocal technology licenses to bolster its cell remedy platform. To enable and accelerate growth, the company has established abi-coastalU.S. presence with exploration labs in Seattle, Washington and headquarters and manufacturing structure in Boston, Massachusetts.
Affini-T is committed to developing potentially life- changing drugs for cases with intractable solid excrescence cancers, who represent a critical unmet need as current treatment options warrant continuity and efficacity. Its personal platform has the implicit to deliver transformative curatives for cases with mutant variants of KRAS, the most current oncogenic motorist mutation in solid excrescences. Treatment options are demanded for these cases as KRAS mutations regard for over to 30 of all cancers and are particularly frequent in cancers with high mortality rates including lung cancer, colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Discerned Science to Cure Solid Excrescence Cases
Affini-T’s personal platform is designed to elect and wangle the right vulnerable cells to orchestrate a durable and coordinated vulnerable response. Its suite of new synthetic biology switches can rewrite the rules of the excrescence medium, enhancing T cell function to increase continuity, make patient responses and compound excrescence infiltration.

“ Cell curatives have revolutionized the treatment of cancer, but challenges remain in making this important technology effective for a lesser variety of cancers,” said scientificco-founderDr. Phil Greenberg, who leads Fred Hutch’s Program in Immunology and holds the Rona Jaffe Foundation Endowed Chair at Fred Hutch. “ By uniting with assiduity mates, we’ve the occasion to move our promising discoveries in the lab closer to serving the lives of cases.”
“ We’re pleased to drink Affini-T as one of the first investments in our Vida III portfolio, representing slice- edge invention in cell remedy for solid excrescences, which remains a holy grail,” said Arjun Goyal,M.D.,M.Phil.,Co-Founder and Managing Director, Vida Gambles andco-founder of Affini-T. “ Their validated discovery workflow has the implicit to bring cures to the large, unmet KRAS case population. We look forward to using our deep cell remedy moxie to support Affini-T’s bold vision to power T cells to cure solid excrescences for cases encyclopedically.”

About Affini-T Rectifiers
Affini-T is unleashing the power of T cells and targeting core oncogenic motorists to develop potentially restorative curatives for solid excrescence cancers. Its discerned cell remedy platform harnesses state-of-the- art engineering and synthetic biology capabilities to target indeed the most ruinous cancer- driving mutations, beginning with KRAS. The company leverages these tools to optimize T cell functions and rewrite the rules of the solid excrescence medium, enabling the eventuality for sustained clinical issues in cases. Structure on the world- class invention essential in its leadership platoon, authors and technologies, Affini-T is powered to develop transformational drugs that last.

About Vida Gambles
Vida Ventures is a coming- generation life lores investment establishment innovated by scientists, croakers, entrepreneurs and investors who are passionate about structure and backing improvements in biomedicine. Together they’ve created a bold investment group bound together by a simple word – life. Its charge is to bring wisdom to life and advance transformative biomedical inventions that have the eventuality to make a meaningful difference for cases. Vida has a bicoastal presence and presently has roughly$1.7 billion under operation. For further information on Vida Gambles, please, on LinkedIn or follow on Twitter@Vida_Ventures.
About Bayer and Leaps by Bayer
Bayer is a global enterprise with core capabilities in the life wisdom fields of health care and nutrition. Its products and services are designed to help people and earth thrive by supporting sweats to master the major challenges presented by a growing and growing global population. Bayer is committed to drive sustainable development and induce a positive impact with its businesses. At the same time, the Group aims to increase its earning power and produce value through invention and growth. The Bayer brand stands for trust, trustability and quality throughout the world. In financial 2021, the Group employed around people and had deals of44.1 billion euros. R&D charges before special particulars amounted to5.3 billion euros. For further information, go

Leaps by Bayer, a unit of Bayer AG, leads impact investments into results to some of moment’s biggest challenges in health and husbandry. The investment portfolio includes further than 50 companies. They’re all working on potentially breakthrough technologies to overcome some specific challenges similar as,e.g. Give sustainable organ & towel relief, reducing the environmental impact of husbandry, precluding or curing cancer, and others.

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