Alentis Appoints Alberto Toso Chief Scientific Officer

Alentis Therapeutics, a cutting-edge biotech firm dedicated to combatting organ fibrosis and Claudin-1 positive tumors, has just announced the appointment of Dr. Alberto Toso as its Chief Scientific Officer, effective immediately. Dr. Toso’s transition into this role marks a significant milestone in the company’s strategic leadership.

“Alberto joined Alentis in 2021 as Head of Oncology and has played a pivotal role in driving forward our oncology initiatives,” stated Roberto Iacone, CEO of Alentis. “Under his guidance, our lead program ALE.C04, an anti-Claudin-1 antibody, is making strides in a Phase 1/2 clinical trial for head and neck cancer, including combination studies with Pembrolizumab. Additionally, we are accelerating the development of two innovative antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) in oncology, ALE.P02 and ALE.P03.”

Dr. Toso expressed his enthusiasm about the potential of targeting Claudin-1 in cancer treatment, stating, “It is increasingly evident that Claudin-1 presents significant promise in combating cancer. As CSO, my mission is to fully leverage Claudin-1’s potential by advancing the development of anti-Claudin-1 ADCs to serve a broad spectrum of cancer patients.”

With over a decade of experience in drug development focusing on immune oncology (IO) and targeted therapies, Dr. Toso brings valuable expertise to Alentis. Prior to joining the company, he served as Department Head in the molecular targeted therapy group, oncology at Roche, overseeing small molecule projects for IO at various developmental stages. Dr. Toso’s research contributions, including the development and characterization of mouse models for prostate cancer, have been published in prestigious scientific journals such as Nature, Nature Communications, and Cell Reports. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Alentis Therapeutics, recognized as the CLDN1 company, is at the forefront of developing breakthrough treatments for CLDN1+ tumors and organ fibrosis. Founded in 2019, the company originated from pioneering research conducted in the laboratory of Prof. Thomas Baumert, MD, at the University of Strasbourg and the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm). Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Alentis operates with an R&D subsidiary in Strasbourg, strategically positioned within the pharma-biotech hub, exemplifying its commitment to advancing innovative therapies.

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