Allergan Aesthetics and Girls Inc. Partner to Bridge the Gender Gap in STEM

Allergan Aesthetics and Girls Inc. Partner to Bridge the Gender Gap in STEM

— A social media crusade kicks off in November with the thing of educating on the lack of womanish, different representation in STEM and raising up to$,000 for GirlsInc.
— Girls from GirlsInc. cells in Houston,St. Louis and Chicago will share in a’ Breaking walls in STEM’ virtual panel with leading, womanish healthcare providers
moment Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company, announces its fourth- successive time of cooperation with GirlsInc. to support the engagement of high academy aged girls interested in exploring a future in STEM( wisdom, technology, engineering, and calculation).

This two-rounded trouble aims to educate on the impact of underrepresentation of womanish and different voices in the STEM field through a social media crusade. In addition, GirlsInc. girls nationwide will engage with and learn from the gests and stories of successful, womanish part models on the’ Breaking walls in STEM’ virtual panel.

” Scientific advancement is the lifeblood of Allergan Aesthetics. Beforehand exposure to STEM is pivotal to spark interest and develop the coming generation of womanish STEM leaders,” says Carrie Strom, President, Global Allergan Aesthetics and Senior Vice President, AbbVie.” By furnishing access to strong womanish instructors and raising mindfulness of the lack of womanish representation in STEM, we believe we can inspire girls civil to feel empowered to explore their options and exceed.”


Recent exploration tells us that only 3 of STEM degrees are earned by black women and lower than a quarter of STEM workers are women. Other findings include

Computer wisdom and engineering are two of the most economic STEM fields. still, only 38 of women who major in computer wisdom work in computer fields, and only 24 of women who major in engineering work in that field.1
Once women are working in STEM fields, 52 quit their jobs bymid-career, and high- tech companies alone, have an waste rate of 41 for their womanish workers.2

Allergan Aesthetics will launch a two- week social media crusade designed to raise mindfulness of the impact of and lack of womanish representation in STEM with a call- to- action for Allergan Aesthetics followers on LinkedIn and Instagram that will run November 1 – November 15, 2022.

For every like, share, comment, or view of Allergan Aesthetics posts raising mindfulness about womanish representation or views on STEM, Allergan Aesthetics will contribute$ 1 to GirlsInc. up to$,000 to support the development of Girls Inc STEM programming.

” At GirlsInc., we give high- quality, applicable, hands- on STEM programming,” said President and CEO of Girls Inc. StephanieJ. Hull,Ph.D.” By exposing girls to fields they may not know about and encouraging their curiosity in these areas, we’re helping them realize that they can help others through STEM. This exposure equips girls to pursue apost-secondary STEM education. We’re thankful for Allergan Aesthetics’ fidelity to GirlsInc. and for their commitment to helping us give gests that will produce a channel for unborn leaders in STEM.”

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