Bayer and Trinity Agtech Collaborate to Advance Regenerative Agriculture Practices

In a strategic move towards advancing regenerative agriculture, Bayer has announced a partnership with Trinity Agtech, a UK-based company. This collaboration aims to leverage Trinity Agtech’s platform, Sandy, as a cornerstone in Bayer’s Carbon Initiative across the EMEA region, facilitating the measurement and monitoring of carbon levels at the farm level.

The partnership will also facilitate tailored development of Bayer’s solutions to meet the specific needs of value chain players and growers, utilizing Trinity’s capabilities. By amalgamating scientific, digital, and agronomical strengths from both entities, the collaboration endeavors to establish a unique regenerative agriculture ecosystem, dedicated to delivering high-quality assets and tangible, credible outcomes for the market.

The European Carbon Initiative holds significant importance within Bayer’s overarching strategy for promoting regenerative agriculture. Launched in 2021, the initiative has expanded to encompass multiple projects tailored to major companies within the food supply and agricultural value chain. Currently, farmers across various European countries and companies in the food and farming supply chain are collaborating to reduce carbon emissions and enhance carbon sequestration in soil through regenerative practices.

Results from ongoing projects indicate that growers employing regenerative practices emit an average of 15 percent less carbon compared to conventional farming methods. By 2025, Bayer anticipates a substantial increase in the number of food and agricultural value chain projects and participating farmers as the European Carbon Initiative transitions from its pilot phase to a commercial scale-up phase.

To support these objectives, reliable monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) mechanisms are essential for ensuring compliance with global guidelines, certification bodies, and regulatory standards throughout the food value chain. Trinity Agtech’s Sandy platform offers a next-generation, user-friendly cloud-based solution, enabling farmers and project developers to consolidate data and establish a factual, data-driven register of a farm’s natural capital, facilitating informed decision-making regarding carbon balance and future strategies.

Lionnel Alexandre, Carbon Business Venture Lead for Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Bayer’s Crop Science Division, emphasizes the importance of reliable measurement technology and data analysis in verifying carbon reductions and sequestration on farms. He highlights Trinity’s state-of-the-art platform as a crucial component in achieving these objectives.

Trinity’s models and analytical frameworks adhere to national and international standards, including IPCC guidelines and GHG-P, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Endorsement from leading international experts further validates Trinity Agtech’s capabilities, with its Sandy software ranking first in farm carbon footprint assessment according to a recent study commissioned by the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Dr. Hosein Khajeh-Hosseiny, Founder and Executive Chairman at Trinity, expresses pride in Trinity’s role as Bayer’s analytical partner in driving credible sustainability analytics, fostering environmental progress, and enhancing prosperity within the food and farming supply chain.

All digital solutions offered by Bayer and its partners adhere to or surpass global data privacy requirements, ensuring data security and ownership for farmers. This approach aligns with Bayer’s commitment to promoting regenerative agriculture by incentivizing growers to adopt practices that enhance soil health, resilience, and productivity while mitigating emissions.

Bayer’s dedication to shaping regenerative agriculture underscores its commitment to sustainable development, innovation, and growth. By fostering partnerships and investing in innovative solutions, Bayer aims to address the challenges posed by a growing global population while promoting the well-being of people and the planet.

For more information on Bayer’s approach to regenerative agriculture, visit their website.

About Bayer: Bayer is a global enterprise specializing in the life sciences, including healthcare and nutrition. With a mission of “Health for all, Hunger for none,” Bayer strives to support efforts to tackle the challenges presented by a growing and aging global population while promoting sustainable development and generating a positive impact. The company is renowned for its trust, reliability, and quality worldwide, employing approximately 100,000 people and achieving sales of 47.6 billion euros in fiscal 2023.

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