“Bayer is on the right track”

Operationally and strategically successful in 2021 / Dividend of 2.00 euros per share proposed / Very successful start to 2022

The Bayer Group was operationally and strategically successful in 2021. “ We achieved a lot, and there’s a lot of good news to report as regards our functional performance, invention power and sustainability. Bayer is on the right track,” said Werner Baumann, Chairman of the Board of Management, at the company’s virtual Annual Stockholders’Meeting in Leverkusen on Friday. Bayer has also got off to a veritably successful launch to 2022, he added. “ In the husbandry business in particular, we see a much more positive request terrain than in former times. We believe the strategic alignment of our company has proven to be the right bone. That’s also true when it comes to our societal applicability. People will be suitable to count on Bayer to support the global food force. We’re guided by our vision‘Health for all, hunger for none.’And we’ve still been suitable to successfully manage our business under these delicate conditions as well,” Bayer’s CEO reported in reference to the war in Ukraine.
Bayer had firstly blazoned that 2021 would be a time of transition, but the company exceeded the Group cast indeed after raising it doubly. Deals advanced to44.1 billion euros. EBITDA before special particulars fell by2.5 percent to11.2 billion euros. Bayer was suitable to largely neutralize an increase in the cost of goods vended – incompletely affectation- related – as well as significant currency headwinds. Core earnings per share from continuing operations of the Group rose by1.9 percent to6.51 euros. As Bayer is maintaining its tip policy of distributing between 30 and 40 percent of core earnings per share, the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board have proposed to the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting that a tip of2.00 euros per share be paid for financial 2021.

“ Food security is under massive trouble in numerous countries”
Baumann expressed his concern about the consequences of the war in Ukraine. “ Bayer stands with the people of Ukraine,” he said, explaining that this is why the company is helping deportees, for illustration, and has bestowed both medical and seed products at the request of the Ukrainian government. A lot depends on a performing husbandry sector in Ukraine, he added. “ That’s because this war in the gut of Europe is aggravating an formerly tense situation in the global food force.” The World Food Program of the United Nations typically procures about half of the food it distributes to the world’s poorest people from Ukraine.

First, Bayer plays an important part in securing the short- term force of food in the affected regions, Baumann said. For illustration, he explained, around half of Kenya’s cereal crop is secured with Bayer products. Second, the company focuses on maintaining global agrarian force chains. And third, Bayer is supporting the extremely critical part that smallholder growers play in feeding the world, continued Baumann, emphasizing that they regard for about 80 percent of all available food products in numerous developing countries. “ Since 2019, part of our sustainability strategy has explicitly concentrated on that client group, and we now reach 50 million smallholders worldwide.”
“ We’re auspicious about the future”

“ In the long term, we need further invention in husbandry to satisfy the significant demand for both productivity and sustainability,” said Baumann, looking ahead. As regards the company’s prospects, he emphasized, “ We’re auspicious about the future. And we’re investing in the future.” Baumann stressed the remarkable success story of Leaps by Bayer in this connection. He explained that since its founding in 2015, the unit has invested further than1.3 billion euros in some 50 biotech enterprises in order to concentrate on technologies with the eventuality to make truly abecedarian progress in people’s lives. Over the coming three times, Leaps by Bayer will invest the same quantum into similar visionary exploration in truly vital issues in health care and husbandry as it has over the once seven times. “ We’re doing this so that we can keep growing and outperforming in the future,” said the Management Board Chairman. “ Of course, that’s also associated with misgivings and requires perseverance. It’s our alignment in three specific businesses that makes this perseverance possible.”
Bayer is also easily committed to Germany as a base of operations in the future, as substantiated by the new conception for the future on which the company and the workshop council have agreed. “ Bayer is at home each around the world, but we also know where we come from,” Baumann stressed. Therefore, over the coming three times, the Bayer Group will invest about one billion euros in its German medicinals product.

For the full time, Bayer expects the good growth in its businesses and the positive performance to continue. Still, the consequences of the war in Ukraine are presently still unclear. “ Our pronounced thing now is to remain on course,” Baumann remarked. “ With our harmonious focus on health and nutrition, this extremity demands that we contribute to furnishing people with introductory requirements. We intend to live up to this responsibility – and indeed under these circumstances I’m confident of a veritably successful financial time.”

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