Being Diagnosed with Lung Cancer Was the Last Thing I Expected

Deborah Borst, a 74-year-old resident of Michigan, never fretted over her health, enjoying a life marked by robust well-being. Her hospital visits were limited to the joyous occasions of childbirth. However, in February 2021, her health narrative took an unexpected turn.

While seeking treatment for a kidney stone, a routine CT scan revealed a concerning presence—a mass nestled in the lower left lobe of her lung. Shocked by the diagnosis of lung cancer, Borst found herself confronting a reality she hadn’t foreseen.

Lung cancer, notorious for its high mortality rates, often eludes detection until it has advanced significantly. Borst’s case, fortunately, was an exception. Swift diagnosis facilitated early intervention, leading to her eventual triumph over cancer within six months.

Borst’s journey embodies the mission of Johnson & Johnson, which endeavors to enhance outcomes for lung cancer patients. Their commitment to innovation aims to redefine the landscape of lung cancer management, from early detection technologies empowering physicians to identify the disease sooner, to precision treatment solutions.

Reflecting on her ordeal on National Cancer Survivors Day, Borst recounts the series of events that unfolded. Initially seeking treatment for a kidney stone, she found herself in excruciating pain during a trip with her daughter, necessitating an emergency room visit. Subsequent examinations revealed a concerning observation—a mass in her lung.

The diligent attention of a perceptive radiologist and the prompt actions of her healthcare team set Borst on a path of diagnosis and treatment. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, including Johnson & Johnson MedTech’s MONARCH™ Platform, Borst’s pulmonologist, Dr. Gustavo Cumbo-Nacheli, conducted a minimally invasive bronchoscopy to biopsy the suspicious tissue.

Grateful for the seamless procedure, Borst awaited the pivotal moment when her life would be altered by the biopsy results. Despite the somber news of cancer, Borst found solace in the diagnosis—a carcinoid tumor, characterized by its slow growth and contained nature.

Borst’s journey underscores the importance of vigilance in healthcare and the transformative impact of advanced medical technologies in the fight against cancer. With her story, she offers hope and resilience to those navigating similar challenges, celebrating the triumph of survival against adversity.

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