Biosense Webster Launches the OCTARAY™ Mapping Catheter with TRUEref™ Technology

The OCTARAY ™ Mapping Catheter with TRUEref ™ Technology provides croakers
with the precise information demanded for catheter ablation procedures that treat cardiac arrhythmias( 1),( 2),( ‡)
IRVINE, CA – September 6, 2022 – Biosense Webster,Inc., part of Johnson & Johnson MedTech( †), moment blazoned the release of the OCTARAY ™ Mapping Catheter with TRUEref ™ Technology powered by the CARTO ™ 3 interpretation 7 System. The OCTARAY ™ Mapping Catheter was developed for the mapping of cardiac arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation( AFib). The catheter has eight splines with bettered electrode distance options to give shorter and more effective mapping times than PENTARAYTM NAV ECO Mapping Catheter, which may dock overall ablation procedure times.( 2),( 8),( ‡)

AFib is the most common type of cardiac arrhythmia and impacts nearly 40 million people worldwide.( 1) AFib is a progressive complaint, and if left undressed can get worse over time or lead to other serious complications like heart complaint or stroke.( 2),( 3) Catheter ablation is a safe and effective procedure to restore the heart’s incorrect electrical signals, which causes an abnormal heart meter.( 4) The OCTARAY ™ Mapping Catheter can collude arrhythmias in any chamber and provides croakers
with enhanced clarity, speed and integration to snappily capture precise information for their catheter ablation procedures.( 1),( 2),( ‡)

“ With further splines and electrodes, the increased face area content and bettered signal quality with the OCTARAY ™ Mapping Catheter allows me to more understand the deconstruction and conduction parcels of the chamber of interest, ” saidDr. Amit Thosani, Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at Allegheny Health Network. * “ This catheter not only helps me to collude more directly and efficiently, but also allows for better case specific remedy. ”

TRUEref ™ Technology is a new mapping reference electrode that reduces the impact of farfield signals.( 7),(§) The catheter has forty- eight small mapping electrodes on eight splines, reduced electrode size and tight electrode distance.( 1),( **) The OCTARAY ™ Mapping Catheter with TRUEref ™ Technology directly identifies lesion set gaps,( 1)( † †) and improves characterization of lesion sets compared to the PENTARAY ™ NAV ECO High Density Mapping Catheter.( 1),( ‡ ‡) The catheter allows for mapping with lesser perfection and detail with bettered signal quality.( 1),(§§)

“ I’m agitated about the addition of the OCTARAYTM Mapping Catheter to the suite of tools available to collude cardiac arrhythmias at my institution, ” saidDr. Benjamin Berte,Co-Chief Physician andCo-Head of Electrophysiology, Cantonal Hospital of Lucerne, Switzerland **. “ As the frequence of cases with AFib continues to rise, croakers
need innovative tools to deliver more effective and effective procedures to profit their cases. ”

“ structure on Biosense Webster’s three decades of leadership in the wisdom and technology of cardiac ablation, we’re proud to bring forward the new OCTARAY ™ Mapping Catheter with TRUEref ™ Technology as the newest mapping tool for electrophysiologists in theU.S. and EMEA, ” said Michael Bodner,Ph.D., Worldwide President, Biosense Webster,Inc. “ With shorter and more effective mapping time, the catheter benefits both the case and the croaker
, allowing for shorter procedure times while enabling lesser delicacy and detail. ”

The OCTARAY ™ Mapping Catheter with TRUEref ™ Technology is now available in theU.S. and EMEA and has been both CE pronounced and 510( k) cleared by theU.S. Food and Drug Administration( FDA). For further information, visit the OCTARAY runner on our website.

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