Brenus Pharma Takes Home French Tech Saint-Etienne Lyon’s Prestigious Start-up of the Year Prize

During its annual event “BIG UP,” French Tech Saint-Etienne Lyon awarded the prestigious BIG Start-up of the Year trophy, recognizing a start-up that embodies innovation and vitality within the region. Established in 2015, French Tech Saint-Etienne Lyon is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the establishment, growth, and global expansion of innovative enterprises in Lyon and Saint-Étienne.

Recognized as one of the 17 French Tech Capitals designated by the French government until 2026, it operates in alignment with La Mission French Tech under the Ministry of Economy, integrating the Lyon St Étienne region into a network that spans over 100 French Tech Communities across five continents. These Capitals and Communities serve as pivotal hubs for French start-ups seeking to navigate the global French Tech ecosystem.

On June 17, during a board meeting attended by founders, CEOs of local start-ups, and key stakeholders in innovation such as incubators, clusters, and major corporations, Brenus Pharma was honored as the BIG Start-up of the Year.

“By securing this accolade, Brenus Pharma distinguished itself from 12 other finalists, demonstrating innovation and a positive impact on our region. We take pride in Brenus Pharma’s membership and its recognition as a promising contributor to our network, embodying the core values of La Mission French Tech,” remarked Lucie Texier, General Delegate of French Tech Saint-Etienne Lyon.

About French Tech Saint-Etienne Lyon: In collaboration with innovation advocates, French Tech Saint-Etienne Lyon unites and energizes the local ecosystem. It actively promotes environmental and social transitions toward a sustainable and inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship landscape. The association boasts a membership of over 539 entities, comprising 475 start-ups and 64 public and private partners.

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