Daiichi Sankyo Launches New Oncology Affiliate in Greece

Daiichi Sankyo (TSE: 4568) has inaugurated a new affiliate dedicated to its oncology business in Athens, Greece, underscoring its commitment to addressing the needs of cancer patients in Europe. Thomais Konstantopoulou has been appointed as the Country Manager for Daiichi Sankyo Greece Single Member S.A.

“We are thrilled to expand our presence in Europe with the opening of our new affiliate in Greece, allowing us to bring our innovative medicines closer to patients who can benefit from them,” remarked Thomais Konstantopoulou. “Establishing a foothold in Greece reflects our deep-seated commitment to serving as many cancer patients as possible with our advanced portfolio, aimed at enhancing outcomes and quality of life.”

Daiichi Sankyo’s expansion in Greece aligns with the country’s efforts to foster innovation, talent retention, technological advancement, and economic growth. The company’s investment mirrors its dedication to advancing meaningful innovation sustainably and creating employment opportunities.

Currently, Daiichi Sankyo operates affiliates in 14 European countries and has representations in Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Luxembourg. The company’s focus on Europe underscores its strategic emphasis on the region as a key market for its medicines and continuous investment. With 20 research and development sites across 12 countries globally, Daiichi Sankyo leverages its extensive network to drive innovation, particularly in the development of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)—targeted cancer therapies combining specificity and anti-tumor activity in a single molecule.

Dr. Dimitrios Krikelis, Head of Medical Affairs at Daiichi Sankyo Greece, highlighted the company’s longstanding collaboration with the Greek oncology community through clinical development programs. “Our engagement with physicians and researchers in Greece, known for their clinical expertise and vibrant research environment, predates the establishment of our affiliate,” noted Dr. Krikelis.

Daiichi Sankyo aims to play an active role in Greece’s healthcare ecosystem by collaborating with scientific communities, government bodies, and patient advocacy groups to deliver value to patients, healthcare professionals, and regulatory authorities.

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