EffRx Pharmaceuticals Enters Exclusive Licensing and Distribution Partnership with Lupin for BINOSTO® Commercialization in Vietnam & Philippines

EffRx Pharmaceuticals SA, a pharmaceutical company specializing in musculoskeletal and rare diseases medications, has disclosed the signing of an exclusive licensing and distribution arrangement for Binosto® in Vietnam and the Philippines with Lupin Limited (Lupin), a prominent global pharmaceutical company.

Binosto® (buffered soluble alendronate) is prescribed for postmenopausal osteoporosis treatment and is currently available in Europe, the US, Middle East, and Asia. It provides a crucial therapeutic option for postmenopausal women grappling with osteoporosis, effectively lowering the risk of debilitating fractures. Binosto® is associated with a reduced frequency of upper gastrointestinal side effects and exhibits higher persistence compared to reported instances with alendronate tablets.

Dr. Fabrice Egros, President – Corporate Development and Growth Markets at Lupin, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with EffRx Pharmaceuticals, emphasizing the empowerment of postmenopausal women with this innovative healthcare solution. Introducing Binosto® to Vietnam and the Philippines underscores Lupin’s dedication to advancing healthcare and improving global health outcomes.

Lorenzo Bosisio, Chief Executive Officer of EffRx, conveyed excitement about the partnership with Lupin to expand the reach of Binosto®. Recognizing Lupin’s established expertise and presence in Vietnam and the Philippines, Bosisio highlighted Lupin as the ideal partner to make Binosto® readily accessible to women in these countries grappling with this debilitating bone-thinning condition.

Per the agreement terms, EffRx will provide Lupin with an exclusive license to market BINOSTO® in Vietnam and the Philippines, along with supplying the product to Lupin.

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