Eylea® approved in Japan for treatment of preterm infants with retinopathy of prematurity

Approval is based on the Phase III study FIREFLEYE and data from the follow-up study FIREFLEYE NEXT / Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) can lead to severe visual impairment and blindness / With ROP, Eylea® is now approved for six indications in Japan 

Bayer blazoned moment that the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare( MHLW) in Japan has approved Eylea ®( aflibercept) intravitreal injection 40 mg/ mL for the treatment of preterm babies with retinopathy of punctuality( ROP). *

“ Retinopathy of punctuality is a complaint that affects unseasonable babies and severe forms can lead to significant visual impairment and indeed blindness. Timely treatment in this vulnerable pediatric patient population is pivotal, ” saidDr. Michael Devoy, Chief Medical Officer at Bayer. “ It’s estimated that in Japan roughly,000 to,000 unseasonable infants1 per time bear treatment for ROP and with Eylea we can now offer an fresh remedial option for cases and healthcare professionals in Japan.”
“ The FIREFLEYE study was the first randomized clinical trial that compared the goods of Eylea to ray in the treatment of cases with severe ROP worldwide. The trial data give us with prospective and clinically applicable substantiation. Treatment success with Eylea0.4 mg was high as anticipated and achieved with substantially a single injection per eye, ” saidDr. Noriyuki Azuma, investigator of the FIREFLEYE study and chairman of the Japanese Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology.

The positive benefit- threat profile for Eylea0.4 mg concluded by the MHLW in Japan is grounded on the results from the FIREFLEYE study and follow- up data from its ongoing extension study. The findings from the FIREFLEYE study were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In the randomized global Phase III study FIREFLEYE, intravitreal treatment with Eylea0.4 mg compared to ray photocoagulation in cases with retinopathy of punctuality was shown to be efficient, safe and well permitted.85.5 of cases entering Eylea0.4 mg showed absence of active ROP and inimical structural issues at 24 weeks, compared to82.1 of cases with ray photocoagulation. Althoughnon-inferiority couldn’t be formally demonstrated the results are considered favorable in the environment of preliminarily being data. Follow- up data from the ongoing Phase IIIb long- term extension study FIREFLEYE NEXT indicate that treatment issues are well sustained.

Eylea is retailed by Santen Pharmaceutical in Japan, and Bayer is selling authorization holder. Bayer and Regeneron are uniting on the global development of aflibercept. Regeneron maintains exclusive rights to Eylea in the United States. Bayer has certified the exclusive marketing rights outside the United States, where the companies partake inversely the gains from deals of Eylea.

About VEGF and aflibercept result for injection into the eye

Aflibercept 2 mg result for injection into the eye, also known under its brand name Eylea ®, has been approved in over 100 countries for five suggestions for grown-ups, which includes the treatment of neovascular( wet) age- related macular degeneration( nAMD) and the treatment of visual impairment due to macular edema following retinal tone occlusion( RVO; branch RVO or central RVO), diabetic macular edema( DME) and myopic choroidal neovascularization( myopic CNV). Over 55 million vials/pre-filled hypes
of Eylea have been vended since its launch worldwide, with further than 8 million case- times of experience and a well- established optical and systemic safety profile.

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor( VEGF) is a naturally being protein in the body. Its normal part in a healthy organism is to spark conformation of new blood vessels( angiogenesis) supporting the growth of the body’s apkins and organs. It’s also associated with the growth of abnormal new blood vessels in the eye, which parade abnormal increased permeability that leads to edema.

Aflibercept result for injection is a recombinant emulsion protein, conforming of portions of extracellular disciplines of mortal VEGF receptors 1 and 2, fused to the Fc portion of mortal IgG1 and formulated as an iso-bibulous result for intravitreal administration. Aflibercept acts as a answerable bait receptor that binds VEGF- A and Placental Growth Factor( PGF) and thereby can inhibit the list and activation of their connate VEGF receptors.

Aflibercept 8 mg lately met the primary endpoint in two vital trials, PULSAR and PHOTON achievingnon-inferior advancements in stylish corrected visual perceptivity compared to Eylea( aflibercept 2 mg) at week 48. It demonstrated that 77 of cases with nAMD and 89 of cases with DME achieved extended injection intervals of 16 weeks with similar safety to Eylea administered every 8 weeks after the yearly inauguration phase. Aflibercept 8 mg is investigational, and its safety and efficacity haven’t yet been estimated by any nonsupervisory authority.

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