Global Hospital Care Partnering Deals Analysis 2016-2024: Collaboration, Development, and Licensing by Company, Deal Type, and Therapy Area

The latest addition to’s offerings is the “Hospital Care Collaboration and Licensing Deals 2016-2024” report, now fully revised and updated. This comprehensive report delves into hospital care deals spanning the years 2016 to 2024, providing unprecedented insights into collaborations and licensing agreements among major biopharma companies worldwide. It offers detailed access to deal payment terms and other critical deal specifics.

Understanding the nuanced terms of negotiated deals is crucial for prospective partners, providing valuable insights into negotiation expectations. This report includes a comprehensive listing of collaboration and licensing deals announced since 2016, sourced from the Current Agreements deals and alliances database. It features financial terms where available and links to online copies of actual licensing contract documents submitted to the SEC by companies and their partners.

Key chapters of the report provide an orientation to hospital care dealmaking and business activities, analyzing trends, financial deal terms, and profiling the top 25 most active biopharma companies in hospital care dealmaking. It also includes a detailed review of individual deals, organized by therapeutic target, and a directory of deals by company and technology type.

The report is supplemented with tables, figures, and a comprehensive deal directory, enhancing understanding of market trends and facilitating benchmark analyses. It serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders seeking to analyze deal structures, assess due diligence, and identify assets and deal terms for each transaction.

For more information, including insights into precise rights granted, payment structures, and contractual obligations, the report covers a broad scope of topics crucial for industry professionals and researchers alike.

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