Harrow Signs 340B Prime Vendor Contract with Apexus™ for IHEEZO® and Key Products

Harrow, a prominent North American eyecare pharmaceutical firm, announced today its agreement with Apexus to include IHEEZO® (chloroprocaine hydrochloride ophthalmic gel) 3% and other key products in the 340B Prime Vendor Program starting July 1, 2024. IHEEZO, designed for ocular anesthesia, offers a low-viscosity topical gel known for its reliable efficacy, proven safety, and ease of use. Additional products available through this program include VIGAMOX®, an eye drop for bacterial conjunctivitis, and ILEVRO®, a topical NSAID eye drop for pain and inflammation.

Mark L. Baum, Chairman and CEO of Harrow, emphasized, “We believe this agreement will enhance access to IHEEZO within the U.S. hospital market for eligible participants. With approximately 2.4 million annual ER visits attributed to eye-related issues in the U.S., including procedures requiring eye anesthesia, this initiative underscores our commitment to affordability and accessibility. With 44% of U.S. hospitals participating in the Apexus 340B Prime Vendor Program, we are excited about the potential benefits for vulnerable populations.”

Managed by Apexus under the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the 340B Prime Vendor Program facilitates access to discounted medications, provides comprehensive education, and supports program integrity. Harrow, Inc. (Nasdaq: HROW) focuses on developing and commercializing innovative ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, ensuring access to its portfolio for millions of patients annually. For more details, visit harrow.com.

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