Helix Unveils Clinico-Genomic Datasets Covering Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Immunology, and Inflammation Disorders

Helix, a prominent population genomics company, has introduced new clinico-genomic datasets aimed at empowering life science firms in advancing precision medicine drug discovery and development. These datasets, cultivated through Helix’s extensive collaborations with health systems, encompass comprehensive longitudinal clinical and genomic records across various therapeutic domains such as Cardiovascular, Immunology & Inflammation, Metabolic conditions, and more.

According to Hylton Kalvaria, Chief Commercial Officer of Helix, these diverse clinico-genomic cohorts offer valuable insights into genetic factors associated with disease progression and clinical outcomes, as well as facilitate the validation of therapeutic candidates. Additionally, organizations can efficiently identify specific patient populations based on genetic and phenotypic criteria to enhance the efficiency of discovery and clinical development processes.

Helix’s precision cohorts integrate longitudinal clinical data with the company’s proprietary Exome+® sequencing data, covering over 125,000 consented patients nationwide in the US. Partners gain access to regularly refreshed structured electronic health record (EHR) fields including clinical diagnoses, procedures, laboratory results, and prescriptions. For instance, the newly introduced Cardiometabolic cohort encompasses data from over 50,000 patients diagnosed with major Cardiovascular Diseases, including vital signs, demographics, and key lab results such as triglycerides, HbA1c, and cholesterol. These fields are intricately linked to exome sequencing data, offering comprehensive coverage of genes relevant to Cardiovascular health.

James Lu, M.D., Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Helix, underscores the significance of clinico-genomic data in the burgeoning landscape of precision medicine. He emphasizes that leveraging real-world data and genomics has the potential to revolutionize drug development, paving the way for personalized and tailored treatments with enhanced safety and efficacy profiles.

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