Janssen Joins Forces with Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Shannon Sharpe to Address Health Disparities in Prostate Cancer

Talk That TalkTM encourages potentially lifesaving conversations about prostate cancer risk and importance of screening among Black men

The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson blazoned moment the launch of Talk That TalkTM, an educational crusade and call to action to drive prostate cancer mindfulness and support the significance of webbing for early discovery among Black men. exercising a new educational website and social media channels, Talk That TalkTM creates safe and probative spaces to learn about prostate cancer, share coffers, and take visionary way to live healthier lives. The ultimate thing is to encourage and elevate the significance of harmonious prostate cancer wireworks to help reduce longstanding healthcare difference in prostate cancer, including late- stage judgments and shorter life contemplations.

Shannon Sharpe, Pro Football Hall- of- Fame tight end andco-host of FOX Sports “ Undisputed, ” joins the trouble to bring together leaders of Black communities, Black health associations, and a platoon of different people with a participated purpose to insure Talk That TalkTM genuinely portrays the uproariousness of the Black experience and help save the lives of Black men.
Prostate cancer is the alternate leading cause of cancer death for Black men.1 Despite advances in care, Black men have the loftiest death rate for prostate cancer in theU.S., two times advanced than utmost other men.2 Early discovery, when the cancer is confined to the prostate or the region around it, reduces the threat of death from prostate cancer.1, 3

Research has shown that the COVID- 19 epidemic may have delayed prostate cancer individual procedures and judgments . Indeed as the threat of COVID is minimized, cases may encounter difficulty continuing healthcare visits for routine wireworks and cancer care.4
“ Too numerous families are losing their sisters, their fathers, their uncles, their progenitors – pillars of our homes – to the complaint, ” Sharpe said. “ Talk That Talk is an inconceivable occasion to help save lives by getting further people to have these pivotal exchanges with each other and our croakers
no matter how delicate it is. I ’ve been so blessed numerous times over in life – with my career and my family – and I want to use it to help save lives. ”

www.TalkThatTalkPC.com supports these exchanges with downloadable coffers, similar as a webbing roster and a companion on talking to croakers
. Talk That TalkTM Facebook and Instagram runners offer community spaces that inspire action so men do n’t have to navigate this trip alone.
“ The disproportionate prevalence and inflexibility of prostate cancer in Black men means they’re considered a advanced threat population. As similar, we need to be visionary and follow the American Cancer Society recommendations to talk to a croaker
about webbing morning in their early 40s, ” saidDr. Fenwa Famakinwa Milhouse, a urologist and social media influencer who’s partnering with Janssen on Talk That TalkTM. A prostate-specific antigen( PSA) dimension, via blood test, is one type of webbing for prostate cancer.5

“ There’s still work to be done within our healthcare systems on behalf of cases and their communities, ” said Tyrone Brewer,U.S. President, Oncology, Janssen Biotech,Inc. “ Talk That Talk can help inspire a potentially lifesaving discussion, an important first step on our trip to close the prostate cancer inequity gap and part of our charge to revise care so that cases can review living. ”
To get involved, follow on social media using hashtags#TalkThatTalkTime and#TalkThatTalkPC.

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