Jazz Pharmaceuticals to Present Comprehensive Neuroscience Portfolio at Annual American Academy of Neurology Meeting

Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc (Nasdaq: JAZZ) has revealed that its expansive neuroscience portfolio and pipeline will be prominently featured at the 76th Annual American Academy of Neurology Meeting (AAN), taking place from April 13-18, 2024, in Denver. A total of 13 abstracts from various facets of its neuroscience endeavors will be showcased, including two oral presentations.

Among the highlights are two encore datasets earmarked for oral presentations. One presentation will delve into the outcomes of a real-world claims analysis, spotlighting the heightened risk of comorbid conditions such as stroke or cardiovascular disease among individuals grappling with idiopathic hypersomnia compared to their counterparts without the condition. Additionally, there will be a post-hoc analysis from the Epidiolex® (cannabidiol) oral solution Expanded Access Program (EAP), exploring the sustained effectiveness of Epidiolex in curbing treatment-resistant focal-onset seizures over the long term.

Dr. Rob Iannone, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Research and Development at Jazz Pharmaceuticals, remarked, “Jazz’s presentations at the 2024 AAN Annual Meeting reflect our leadership in sleep and rare epilepsies, as well as our commitment to developing therapies for debilitating, and often overlooked, neurological disorders.”

Some of the key presentations at the event will include:

  • An oral presentation revealing findings from the Real-World Idiopathic Hypersomnia Total Health Model (RHYTHM) study, shedding light on the elevated burden of comorbid conditions in individuals diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnia.
  • Another oral presentation will focus on a post-hoc analysis exploring the real-world outcomes and long-term effectiveness of Epidiolex in treating treatment-resistant focal-onset seizures.
  • Two posters assessing the impact of Xywav® (calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium oxybates) oral solution on sleep inertia in individuals with idiopathic hypersomnia.
  • A poster presenting the final results from the SEGUE study, detailing the transition of adults with narcolepsy from Xyrem® (sodium oxybate) oral solution to Xywav.
  • Several posters examining real-world treatment patterns, effectiveness, and caregiver experiences with Epidiolex.

Additionally, there will be presentations featuring Jazz’s research on investigational suvecaltamide (JZP385) in essential tremor (ET) and Parkinson’s disease (PD) tremor.

The abstracts for the 2024 AAN Annual Meeting are accessible online at [link to the abstracts].

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