Johnson & Johnson to Evaluate Its COVID-19 Vaccine Against New Omicron COVID-19 Variant

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic, Johnson & Johnson (the Company) has been nearly covering recently arising COVID-19 variants. In collaboration with academic groups in South Africa and around the world, the Company has been assessing the effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine across variants, including now the new and fleetly spreading Omicron variant. The Company is testing blood serum from actors in completed and ongoing supporter studies to look for negativing exertion against the Omicron variant. In addition, the Company is pursuing an Omicron-specific variant vaccine and will progress it as demanded.

“ The new Omicron variant highlights the significance of continued surveillance, testing and vaccination to help hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19. We remain confident in the robust humoral and cell- intermediated vulnerable responses inspired by the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine demonstrated by the continuity and breadth of protection against variants to date in clinical studies,” said Mathai Mammen,M.D.,Ph.D., Global Head, Janssen Research & DevelopmentLLC., Johnson & Johnson. “ We’ll not be perfunctory. Structure on our long- term collaboration with scientists on the ground in South Africa and the ongoing real world effectiveness studies being conducted with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, we will work together to induce new data on Omicron. In resemblant, we’ve begun work to design and develop a new vaccine against Omicron and will fleetly progress it into clinical studies if demanded.”

TheU.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has recommended the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine as a supporter for all eligible individualities who entered an authorized COVID-19 vaccine. Johnson & Johnson continues to submit applicable data to other controllers, the World Health Organization (WHO) and National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs) worldwide to inform decision- making on original vaccine administration strategies, as demanded.

Johnson & Johnson has been laboriously engaged in fighting afflictions for over a century. We’ve done it ahead, and we will do it again.

With our global reach comes a responsibility and unique capability to work our deep scientific moxie and expansive hookups to take on this challenge. Our further than workers around the world mustered with urgency to address the critical requirements of families, communities and healthcare providers around the world.

Our commitment to families around the world does n’t change in a time of extremity we ’ll noway stop taking care of you.

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