Johnson & Johnson Vision Introduces All Purpose EDOF, TECNIS Symfony OptiBlue IOL, the Latest PC-IOL Powered by InteliLight Technology

The TECNIS PC-IOL Portfolio Powered by InteliLight delivers the best* contrast and low-light performance across the PC-IOL category1,2,3

TECNIS Symfony OptiBlue is now available in the U.S. and select countries in EMEA

Johnson & Johnson Vision, ** a global leader in eye health and part of Johnson & Johnson MedTech, *** moment blazoned vacuity of our diplopia- correcting intraocular lens( PC- IOL) powered by InteliLight technology https//, TECNIS Symfony OptiBlue IOL. This extended depth- of- focus( EDOF) lens expands diplopia correction to further cases and joins TECNIS Synergy IOL, a high- performance mongrel lens designed for spectacle independence ****, in the InteliLight portfolio. These two reciprocal products deliver superior * discrepancy and low- light performance across the PC- IOL order.1,,3 The InteliLight portfolio will be on display at the 2022 American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Annual Meeting( AAO) in Chicago,Sept. 30-Oct. 3.

Cataracts are the leading cause of preventable blindness worldwide, impacting further than 100 million eyes encyclopedically.1, 2 Cataracts are a clouding of the lens in the eye, caused by a buildup of the eye’s natural protein which changes the way the eye focuses light, thus changing the color and clarity of vision.3 utmost people will develop cataracts at some point in their life, still cataracts can be treated with surgery; ultramodern cataract surgery is a safe and effective treatment that has a success rate of nearly98.4
“ My thing as an eye care professional is to deliver the stylish issues for my cases, and to help them get back to some of the conditioning numerous of us take for granted — driving at night, going up and down the stairs in their homes in dim light, or just going out at night and enjoying regale at a eatery, all with lower risk5, ” said Karolinne Rocha, MD, PhD, MUSC/ Storm Eye Institute, Charleston, South Carolina “ In my practice we ’ve seen TECNIS Symfony OptiBlue IOL deliver good image discrepancy in the day and night, at all distances. Stylish of all, it has a minimized dysphotopsia profile that gives me the comfort I need to recommend presbyopia correction to further cases”

TECNIS Symfony OptiBlue IOL is powered by InteliLight, an innovative combination of three Johnson & Johnson Vision personal technologies violet- light sludge, echelette design and achromatic technology. The technology was first introduced in the TECNIS Synergy IOL.
Violet- Light Filter Blocks the shortest wavelengths of light that produce the most light smatter, helping to alleviate halo, light, and starbursts, and minimize visual disturbances when driving at night.10
Echelette Design Helps reduce light scattering and halo intensity, ,12 making it easier to see digital bias.10, 11
Achromatic Technology Corrects polychromatic aberration for better discrepancy day and night,11 and superior performance across every distance.2, 3
“ We know our cases ’ lives do n’t stop at evening, and neither should their confidence in being suitable to see easily or drive at night, ” said Nikki Sidi,
** Vice President, Global Strategic Marketing, Surgical Vision, Johnson & Johnson Vision. “ The InteliLight PCIOL portfolio delivers best- in- order * discrepancy and low- light performance.1,,3 And with TECNIS Community for spectacle independence and TECNIS Symfony OptiBlue for functional vision at every distance, surgeons can now choose the stylish in low- light performing PCIOLs, according to their cases ’ needs. ”

The TECNIS PC- IOL portfolio powered by InteliLight is now available for ophthalmologists to use in theU.S. and elect countries in EMEA. The lenses in the portfolio, TECNIS Community IOL and TECNIS Symfony OptiBlue IOL, are also available in Toric II for excellent rotational stability12 for cases with presbyopia. To learn further about the InteliLight portfolio, please visit https// in theU.S.

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