Kerendia™ (finerenone) receives updated label in the U.S. to include findings from Phase III FIGARO-DKD cardiovascular outcomes study

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted label update for Kerendia™ (finerenone) to include findings from the Phase III FIGARO-DKD cardiovascular (CV) outcomes study in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) associated with type 2 diabetes (T2D) / FIGARO-DKD investigated the efficacy and safety of finerenone versus placebo in addition to standard of care on the reduction of CV morbidity and mortality in approximately 7,400 patients with CKD associated with T2D / With early to late-stage CKD associated with T2D, FIGARO-DKD included patients across a broad range of disease severity, including stages 1-4 CKD with albuminuria

Bayer blazoned moment that it entered blessing from theU.S. Food and Drug Administration( FDA) for a marker update for Kerendia ™( finerenone) to include findings from the Phase III FIGARO- DKD cardiovascular( CV) issues study in cases with habitual order complaint( CKD) associated with type 2 diabetes( T2D). The positive data from the vital Phase III FIGARO- DKD study demonstrated that finerenone significantly reduced the threat of cardiovascular events in adult cases with CKD and T2D. Results from the trial were presented at ESC Congress 2021, and contemporaneously published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Cases living with habitual order complaint associated with type 2 diabetes are three times more likely to die from a cardiovascular event than those with type 2 diabetes alone. FIGARO- DKD is the first contemporary Phase III CV issues trial to show CV benefit in a patient population where the maturity of cases was in earlier CKD stages( stages 1- 2 CKD, defined as estimated glomerular filtration rate( eGFR) ≥ 60 ml/ min/1.73 m2) with albuminuria. With the addition of these study findings, theU.S. marker now includes clinical trial data from further than,000 cases with CKD associated with T2D grounded on FIDELIO- DKD and FIGARO- DKD.
“ Cases need to be screened regularly and treated early to help them from progressing to more advanced stages of habitual order complaint, as this may lead to better issues for these cases, potentially precluding cardiovascular complications and death, ” saidDr. Michael Devoy, Chief Medical Officer of Bayer AG’s Pharmaceutical Division. “ At Bayer, we’re committed to furnishing treatment options that offer clinically meaningful benefits for cases. Reflecting the positive data from the vital Phase III FIGARO- DKD study on the reduction of the threat of cardiovascular events, theU.S.- marker update blazoned moment reaffirms Kerendia as a abecedarian pillar in the treatment algorithm to ameliorate issues in cases with habitual order complaint associated with type 2 diabetes. ”

Kerendia offers an indispensable pathway to treating habitual order complaint associated with type 2 diabetes by blocking mineralocorticoid receptor( MR) overactivation, which contributes to CKD progression and cardiovascular damage. Grounded on the positive results of the FIDELIO- DKD Phase III study, Kerendia ™ was granted marketing authorization by theU.S. FDA in July 2021 to reduce the threat of sustained eGFR decline, end- stage order complaint, CV death,non-fatal myocardial infarction( MI), and hospitalization for heart failure in adult cases with CKD associated with T2D.
About Kerendia ™( finerenone)
Kerendia is anon-steroidal, picky mineralocorticoid receptor( MR) antagonist that has been shown to block dangerous goods of MR overactivation. MR overactivation contributes to CKD progression and cardiovascular damage which can be driven by metabolic, hemodynamic, or seditious and fibrotic factors.

The Phase III study programme with finerenone, FINEOVATE, presently comprises five Phase III studies, FIDELIO- DKD, FIGARO- DKD, FINEARTS- HF, FIND- CKD, and FIONA, as well as the Phase II study CONFIDENCE.

About habitual order complaint in Type 2 Diabetes
habitual order complaint( CKD) is a common and potentially deadly condition that’s extensively underrecognized. CKD progresses quietly and unpredictably, with numerous symptoms not appearing until the complaint is well- advanced. CKD is one of the most frequent complications arising from diabetes and is also an independent threat factor of cardiovascular complaint. Up to 40 of all cases with type 2 diabetes develop habitual order complaint. Despite guideline- directed curatives, cases with CKD and T2D remain at high threat of CKD progression and cardiovascular events. It’s estimated that CKD affects further than 160 million people with T2D worldwide. habitual order complaint in type 2 diabetes is the main cause of end stage order complaint, which requires dialysis or a order transplant to stay alive. Cases with habitual order complaint and type 2 diabetes are three times more likely to die from a cardiovascular-affiliated cause than those with type 2 diabetes alone.
About Bayer’s Commitment in Cardiovascular and order conditions
Bayer is an invention leader in the area of cardiovascular conditions, with a long-standing commitment to delivering wisdom for a better life by advancing a portfolio of innovative treatments. The heart and the feathers are nearly linked in health and complaint, and Bayer is working in a wide range of remedial areas on new treatment approaches for cardiovascular and order conditions with high unmet medical requirements. The cardiology ballot at Bayer formerly includes a number of products and several other composites in colorful stages of preclinical and clinical development. Together, these products reflect the company’s approach to exploration, which prioritizes targets and pathways with the eventuality to impact the way that cardiovascular conditions are treated.

About Bayer
Bayer is a global enterprise with core capabilities in the life wisdom fields of health care and nutrition. Its products and services are designed to help people and the earth thrive by supporting sweats to master the major challenges presented by a growing and growing global population. Bayer is committed to driving sustainable development and generating a positive impact with its businesses. At the same time, the Group aims to increase its earning power and produce value through invention and growth. The Bayer brand stands for trust, trustability and quality throughout the world. In financial 2021, the Group employed around,000 people and had deals of44.1 billion euros. R&D charges before special particulars amounted to5.3 billion euros.

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