Lilly to begin rollout of Tempo® Personalized Diabetes Management Platform

Lilly to begin rollout of Tempo ® Personalized Diabetes Management Platform
Centralized experience supports diabetes tone- operation through drug monuments, education coffers and insulin cure logging

Data participated through platform interface may help healthcare providers make data- driven opinions ± about care for grown-ups treated with select Lilly insulins

Offers comity with the Dexcom ® nonstop Glucose Monitoring Systems, *, ∞ the Tempo Blood Glucose Examiner( BGM) and other compatible BGMs, as well as wearable bias from Fitbit ®, Garmin ®, Google Fit ® and the Apple Health app
Eli Lilly and Company( NYSE LLY) will begin rollout of its first connected platform, the Tempo ® Personalized Diabetes Management Platform, latterly this time in theU.S. The technology aims to help grown-ups living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and clinicians make informed, data- backed opinions to manage treatment with Lilly insulins. ±
The platform consists of three crucial factors – the Tempo Smart Button ®; a compatible app, TempoSmart ™; and a prefilled insulin pen, Tempo Pen ® – which work together to deliver substantiated guidance for grown-ups with diabetes. The Smart Button was cleared by theU.S. Food and Drug Administration on September 16. The compatible app was developed in cooperation with Welldoc ® and is a private marker replication of the company’s BlueStar ®, a diabetes operation app, customized to admit insulin cure- related data from the Tempo Smart Button.

Healthcare providers will have access to a clinician mecca, Tempo perceptivity ™, where they can pierce data participated by their cases through the app and track cases’ progress.
” Lilly has over a century of knowledge of insulin and its complications, and recognizes the emotional impact of managing diabetes,2,” said Kevin Cammack, Head of Connected Care, Lilly Diabetes.” Launching this platform is an occasion for us to more astronomically support those who calculate on our insulins.”

Then is how the platform works The Tempo Smart Button is a applicable medical device that attaches to the top of a Tempo Pen ― Lilly’s prefilled, disposable insulin pens approved in 2019 and 2020. When paired via Bluetooth ® wireless technology, the Smart Button is intended to descry, store and transfer insulin cure- related data to the compatible app. The app, TempoSmart, will record insulin cure information and grease data sharing between grown-ups with diabetes and the healthcare providers who treat them.
Grown-ups with diabetes can pierce insulin cure information and advanced features through TempoSmart, including

drug monuments, substantiated education coffers and feedback on blood glucose situations.
Integration with Dexcom nonstop Glucose Monitoring( CGM) Systems ∞ via secondary display, * as well as the Tempo Blood Glucose Examiner( BGM) and other compatible BGMs.
Comity to sync data with wearable bias from Fitbit ®, Garmin ®, Google Fit ® and the Apple Health app.
” Despite technological advancements, people continue to witness challenges with the complications of insulin dosing, 3″ said Cammack.” Using the literacy from early adopters of Tempo, we look forward to continually instituting our technology to prop those who use Lilly insulins to manage their diabetes.”

Lilly will conduct a phased rollout for the platform to elect conventions starting latterly this time, followed by public vacuity targeted for 2023. The Tempo Pen is presently available for Lyumjev ®( insulin lispro- aabc) injection, 100 units/ mL, BASAGLAR ®( insulin glargine) injection, 100 units/ mL, and Humalog ®( insulin lispro injection) 100 units/ mL. Lilly continues to work with Welldoc to integrate fresh features for TempoSmart in future software updates.

Outside of theU.S., Lilly entered CE( Conformité Européenne or European Conformity) marking instrument for the Tempo Smart Button on August 10 and plans to begin small- scale aviators in named countries through hookups with being diabetes operation ecosystems.

Lilly is committed to helping people pierce the drugs they need and will work with insurers, health systems and providers to help enable patient access to the Tempo Personalized Diabetes Management Platform. Lilly will be offering a savings card for the platform for people who qualify. For further information, connect with our Tempo client Support Service by calling 1-855-Lilly-Tempo. Text TEMPO to 85099 for cautions and updates on the Tempo platform.

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Welldoc ® is revolutionizing habitual complaint operation to help transfigure lives. BlueStar ®, an FDA- cleared digital health result, attendants individualities through the complicated trip of living with diabetes by enabling them to tone- manage their conditions and enhancing connections to their healthcare platoon. Welldoc streamlines the connections between payers, employers and healthcare systems coffers, with the thing of perfecting population health and reducing the costs of habitual conditions. For further information on Welldoc, including BlueStar suggestions of use, TempoSmart doesn’t include the tradition features of BlueStar Rx.

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