Linear Health Sciences Reports Clinical, Commercial Milestones

Linear Health Sciences has announced significant advancements for its Orchid SRV™, a breakthrough safety valve designed to enhance the use of medical tubing in hospital settings. Since its latest FDA clearance two years ago, the Orchid SRV has achieved remarkable clinical and commercial milestones. Over a dozen clinical sites have assessed its effectiveness, reporting a high average clinical acceptance rate of over 92%. With more than 30,000 devices deployed, hospitals are increasingly recognizing its benefits for patients aged two weeks and older requiring intermittent or continuous infusion.

A notable case study from a major Northeastern medical center showcased annual cost savings nearing $104,000 and a clinical acceptance rate exceeding 97% following adoption of the Orchid SRV.

CEO Dan Clark expressed pride in the team’s achievements, emphasizing the device’s role in reducing vascular access failures and enhancing patient care continuity. Clinical feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with healthcare professionals highlighting its efficacy in preventing line dislodgement due to patient actions or environmental factors. This feedback underscores the Orchid SRV’s role in safeguarding IV lines and streamlining hospital workflows.

Recognized with an Innovative Technology Award from Vizient and securing contracts with Premier and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Linear Health Sciences continues to expand its reach in improving patient safety and healthcare efficiency. The Orchid SRV’s ability to disconnect and seal off IV lines during tension events represents a critical advancement in mitigating disruptions in patient care, potentially saving significant costs associated with IV line dislodgement incidents.

Looking ahead, Linear Health Sciences remains committed to advancing medical safety technologies, aiming to further enhance patient outcomes and operational efficiencies across healthcare systems.

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