Live Your PosSCZible Campaign: Bristol Myers Squibb, Taye Diggs, and Schizophrenia Community Unite to Empower Individuals with Schizophrenia

Bristol Myers Squibb (NYSE: BMY) has unveiled the Live Your PosSCZible campaign, a nationwide initiative in collaboration with the schizophrenia community. The campaign aims to amplify personal experiences, offering educational resources, community connections, and peer support to empower patients and caregivers in managing schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a persistent mental illness affecting cognition, emotions, and behavior, typically emerging in late adolescence or early adulthood. When untreated, its symptoms can significantly impair daily functioning and diminish overall well-being, fostering feelings of despair. Yet, with proper symptom management and support systems, individuals with schizophrenia can pursue their aspirations.

Gordon Lavigne, CEO of the Schizophrenia & Psychosis Action Alliance, challenges the misconception that individuals with schizophrenia cannot lead fulfilling lives. He emphasizes that with adequate treatment and assistance, many can pursue careers, education, family life, and social engagements. The Live Your PosSCZible campaign aims to spotlight these possibilities through real-life narratives.

The campaign features stories from various members of the schizophrenia community, including renowned Broadway, television, and film actor Taye Diggs, and his sister Christian, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia in her youth. Taye Diggs shares his family’s journey, highlighting his sister’s successful management of her mental illness with professional support, enabling her to maintain independence, pursue interests like yoga and dance, and lead a fulfilling life.

Taye Diggs underscores the importance of dispelling negative stereotypes surrounding schizophrenia, advocating for greater awareness that individuals with the condition can thrive. Personal anecdotes from individuals living with schizophrenia and their caregivers are showcased on the campaign’s website,, alongside a wealth of educational and community resources.

In addition to testimonials, the campaign incorporates engaging content such as “Get Ready with Me” videos, inspired by the popular #GRWM trend on social media. These videos reveal how individuals with lived experiences prepare for daily activities, reflecting the diverse routines of those impacted by schizophrenia. Distributed across Instagram and TikTok, these videos mirror the varied schedules often experienced by individuals managing schizophrenia.

Jasmine Greenamyer, Vice President of Patient Outreach at Bristol Myers Squibb, emphasizes the profound challenges associated with a schizophrenia diagnosis. Beyond the symptoms’ pervasive effects, societal perceptions often dictate that individuals must relinquish their aspirations. The Live Your PosSCZible campaign counters this narrative, affirming the importance of individuals’ ambitions and underscoring that with appropriate support, anything is achievable.

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