MEDSIR and Debiopharm Collaborate on Advanced Breast Cancer Treatment

Integrated Biosciences, a biotechnology company leveraging synthetic biology and machine learning to create next-generation therapeutics for age-related diseases, announced its collaboration with Illumina Ventures Labs. This partnership aims to integrate Integrated Biosciences’ drug discovery engine with Illumina sequencing, providing both financial and scientific support. The goal is to design new small molecule therapeutics that influence the transcriptomes and methylomes of cell populations, targeting diverse diseases where cell state and identity are crucial, including aging and developmental disorders.

Felix Wong, Ph.D., co-founder of Integrated Biosciences, emphasized the importance of this collaboration: “This partnership enables us to use small molecules to systematically target RNA expression and DNA modifications across cell types, providing precise control over cell behavior. We aim to generate extensive datasets that map cell states and guide the development of definitive cures for age-related diseases.”

Ron Mazumder, Ph.D., Partner at Illumina Ventures, highlighted their support for innovative companies: “Our partnership with Integrated Biosciences represents an investment at the intersection of healthcare, genomics, and sequencing. Integrated Biosciences has already made significant breakthroughs in drug discovery, and with our support, they will unlock novel therapeutic candidates and bring next-generation sequencing to the forefront of drug discovery.”

Integrated Biosciences has published its drug discovery engine in prestigious journals such as Nature, Nature Aging, and Cell Systems. The company is developing a portfolio of preclinical-stage assets to treat various age-related diseases. The collaboration with Illumina Ventures will further enhance their capabilities, generating new therapeutic assets and discovery platforms to revolutionize drug discovery. Integrated Biosciences has a proven track record, including the discovery of a novel structural class of antibiotics, as reported in Nature.

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