Merck and Emmy-Nominated Actress Yvonne Orji Unveil Uncovering TNBC, Highlighting the Challenges Faced by Black Women Diagnosed with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Merck, known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, in collaboration with the bone cancer advocacy community and Emmy- nominated actress, Yvonne Orji, launched a new aggressiveness, Uncovering TNBC, to exfoliate light on the unique challenges Black women face when diagnosed with threefold-negative bone cancer (TNBC). Non-Hispanic Black women are much two times more likely to have TNBC thannon-Hispanic white women, and compared to white women, Black women are more likely to die of the ailment. Join Yvonne as she speaks with Sharon, Tiah and Damesha, three women diagnosed with TNBC, who partake their stories of triumphs while also arguing the health disagreement Black women can face. Through the web docuseries and educational accoutrements, Uncovering TNBC aims to inform Black women and empower them to advocate for themselves with their health care band.
With a master’s degree in public health and a babysitter for a mama, Yvonne has been passionate about closing the health care equity gap since before she got a Box star.
“ I know firsthand how important it’s for Black women to take charge of their health and advocate for themselves. Data shows women in our community have a progressive chance of developing TNBC, but we can take track to help secure ourselves and our families,” said Yvonne. “ I hope these stories up women with TNBC and inspire them to get the care they need.”

The centerpiece of the Uncovering TNBC movement is a three- occurrence web docuseries that highlights the challenges Black women with TNBC can face throughout their cancer treks. Hosted by Yvonne, the docuseries spotlights three undauntable soldiers and their happenings with TNBC Damesha from North Carolina, Sharon from Virginia and Tiah from Georgia. The series aims to amplify the stories of Black women with TNBC and offers pocket that will help others understand their threats and advocate for themselves. The go also includes a webpage of educational information for women who have a progressive chance of developing or are new diagnosed with TNBC and their loved bones.
“ There’s no want of soul cancer wherewithal, yet so some are developed with the unique requisites of Black women in mind,” said Maimah Karmo, sire and CEO, Tigerlily Foundation. “ As a native of Liberia myself, I’m proud to unite with Merck andMs. Orji to support the weariless works to meet that need and other zone the gap to watch.”

“ We ’re recognized to unite with advocacy sodalities who have been at the vanguard of fighting for heath equity in the soul cancer community on this important cause,” said Jill DeSimone, chairperson,U.S. Oncology, Merck. “ For Black women with TNBC, optimal care is about another than just treating cancer It’s about being understood and supported. Uncovering TNBC is an important program that’s part of our broader labors at Merck to help advance health equity for all people with cancer.”
About Uncovering TNBC

In collaboration with SusanG. Komen, Living Beyond Heartstrings Cancer, Tigerlily Foundation, and Triple Negative Heartstrings Cancer Foundation, Uncovering TNBC was developed specifically for Black women, who have a late chance of developing or are new diagnosed with tripartite-negative heartstrings cancer (TNBC). TNBC accounts for about 10-15 of all heartstrings cancers and is an aggressive type of cancer that’s hourly thorny to treat. Black women who have a late chance of developing or are new diagnosed with TNBC can face unique distinctness, including short heartstrings cancer marquisette, lack of access to treatment and minor access to prophylactic and educational information.
Uncovering TNBC offers strategies to help address the fences Black women can face in their peregrination. Through culturally apropos, educational and answer- familiarized content, the program aims to support cases from decision to survivorship. Information and exchequer can be initiate

About Yvonne Orji
Yvonne Orji is a Nigerian-American Emmy- nominated actress, wag and scrivener who continues to display her versatility and passion with each strategy she takes on. In addition to her starring task in the critically acclaimed HBO comedy series, Insecure, she’s a distinguished tribune-up wag, stamp film star, podcast host and published author.

Outside of her creative work, Yvonne is saved to her charitable whiles. In 2008, she spent six months working inpost-conflict Liberia with Population Services International (PSI), anon-governmental order (NGO) that uses social marketing to promote health gestes. While in Liberia, she worked with a group of talented youth to help rear a mentoring program and a routine talk show that helped educate and preclude teen gravidity and HIV/ AIDS.
Yvonne has brought her work with the youth community back to the States, where she’s now involved with ( RED) pushes and faith- rested youth ministries.

About Merck
For over 130 cycles, Merck, known as MSD outside of the United States and Canada, has been concocting for life, bringing forward cures and vaccines for beaucoup of the world’s most arduous affections in pursuit of our assignment to save and ameliorate lives. We demonstrate our commitment to cases and population health by accelerating access to health care through far- reaching courses, programs and affiliations. Moment, Merck continues to be at the front line of delving to avert and treat affections that hang people and beasties – including cancer, catching affections akin as HIV and Ebola, and arising beast affections – as we aspire to be the premier delving-acute biopharmaceutical company in the world.

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