Merck Animal Health Completes Minority Investment in LeeO Precision Farming

Digital swine traceability solution tracks swine throughout their lifecycle

Investment complements Merck Animal Health’s broad portfolio of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and technology solutions

Merck Animal Health, known as MSD Animal Health outside of the United States and Canada, a division of Merck &Co.,Inc., Rahway,N.J., USA( NYSEMRK), blazoned moment that it has completed a nonage investment in LeeO Precision FarmingB.V.( LeeO). Merck Animal Health also will assume distribution of LeeO’s digital swine traceability result in named requests over the coming months. Merck Animal Health joins LeeO’s being authors and shareholders, Prairie Systems,Inc., a strategic investment of United Animal Health,Inc., and MIQB.V. Specific terms of the nonage investment weren’t bared.

LeeO, a intimately held company located in Deventer, the Netherlands, provides a pall- grounded, real- time digital swine traceability result for growers, directors and retailers to continuously track and dissect swine from birth throughout their lifecycle. The pall- grounded technology platform provides druggies with the capability to record and track major life events in swine product, including genetics, copulation, birth enrollment , vaccination, age, weight, weaning, position and transportation. The platform is supported by an ecosystem of RFID- grounded tackle technology, similar as observance markers, compendiums and weigh scales.
“ Through this agreement, we’re linking Merck Animal Health’s breadth and depth in beast health intelligence technology results with LeeO’s innovative digital swine traceability platform, which can help to change the way all phases of swine product interact and make opinions, ” said Jeroen van de Ven, lead, Animal Health Intelligence, Merck Animal Health. “ Our beast health results, including our identification, traceability and monitoring capabilities, and investment in LeeO will help accelerate this technology development and advance the health and well- being of creatures. We look forward to our cooperation with LeeO and to continue to make the future of beast traceability results, which can further produce a connected and intertwined ecosystem for the global beast request. ”

LeeO Chief Executive Officer Peter ter Linde said, “ This investment from Merck Animal Health is an instigative development for LeeO and will be used to fuel our growth and investment in our leading digital beast traceability result for swine. It also signals Merck Animal Health’s ongoing commitment to swine health, well- being and operation and ray focus on accelerating beast traceability results in beast to ameliorate beast health. We believe Merck Animal Health’s investment will further accelerate the growth and value of our company. ”
“ Adding Merck Animal Health to the power of LeeO will clearly allow for growth at a faster pace, which is great for the swine assiduity, ” said Doug Webel,Ph.D., chairman and principal administrative officer of United Animal Health,Inc., a strategic mate of LeeO for food chain visibility and analytics. “ We view this agreement as a crucial step to advancing this technology and beast traceability for better beast health. ”

substantiation- grounded beast traceability results have helped to guard and strengthen the integrity of the food force chain. Traceability results, similar as LeeO’s digital traceability platform, provides guests with information that identifies and traces the origin, history, product and distribution throughout the lifecycle of the gormandizer to validate sustainability claims by detailing how creatures are raised and reused.
About Merck Animal Health

At Merck, known as MSD outside of the United States and Canada, we’re unified around our purpose We use the power of leading- edge wisdom to save and ameliorate lives around the world. For further than a century, we ’ve been at the van of exploration, bringing forward drugs, vaccines and innovative health results for the world’s most grueling conditions. Merck Animal Health, a division of Merck &Co.,Inc., Rahway,N.J., USA, is the global beast health business of Merck. Through its commitment to The Science of Healthier creatures ®, Merck Animal Health offers veterinarians, growers, pet possessors and governments one of the widest ranges of veterinary medicinals, vaccines and health operation results and services as well as an expansive suite of connected technology that includes identification, traceability and monitoring products. Merck Animal Health is devoted to conserving and perfecting the health, well- being and performance of creatures and the people who watch for them. It invests considerably in dynamic and comprehensive R&D coffers and a ultramodern, global force chain. Merck Animal Health is present in further than 50 countries, while its products are available in some 150 requests.

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