Merck Inaugurates Its Maiden Digital Hub in Singapore

Merck Unveils First Digital Hub in Singapore, a Landmark Move Beyond the US and Europe In a strategic move, Merck, a leading science and technology company, has inaugurated its inaugural Digital Hub in Singapore. This marks a significant expansion beyond the US and Europe for Merck’s digital business. Supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), the Digital Hub is poised to drive progress in the healthcare and semiconductor industries. Singapore, renowned for its global leadership in innovation and digital excellence, particularly in areas like digital health, semiconductor technology, and artificial intelligence, is the chosen location for this pioneering venture.

Wan Yee Goh, Senior Vice President and Head of Healthcare at Singapore EDB, expressed optimism about Merck’s latest investment, stating that it reflects confidence in Singapore’s digital capabilities. The Digital Hub is expected to enrich the local ecosystem, fostering digital innovation and talent in healthcare, semiconductor, and AI. Goh anticipates strengthened collaboration between Merck and Singapore, leading to impactful initiatives and job opportunities for Singaporeans. She emphasized the essential role of data and AI in shaping the future economy.

Laura Matz, Chief Science & Technology Officer at Merck, highlighted Singapore’s commitment to digital innovation and adoption across sectors like health tech and semiconductors. As a testament to this commitment, the Digital Hub, led by Matz, will leverage secure data collaboration ecosystems, including Syntropy™ and Athinia™. This initiative aims to drive innovation, facilitate collaborative technology integration, and make a global impact.

The Merck Digital Hub will leverage the capabilities of Syntropy™ and Athinia™ to enable secure data collaboration within the healthcare and semiconductor industries. These platforms empower data owners to integrate and curate their data across organizations while adhering to the high-quality standards mandated by both sectors. The emphasis on traceable, governed, and high-quality data is a foundational principle of Syntropy™ and Athinia™. By facilitating secure AI-enabled data flow, these platforms unlock efficiencies while ensuring stakeholders retain control over their intellectual property.

The launch of the Merck Digital Hub adds a new dimension to Merck’s presence in Singapore, where the company already employs around 500 professionals across its three business sectors: Life Science, Healthcare, and Electronics.

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