Neuranics Wins Deep Tech Investment of the Year Award at the Angel Investment Awards

Neuranics, a pioneering deep tech startup based in Glasgow, proudly announced its prestigious accolade as the Deep Tech Investment of the Year at the UK Angel Investment Awards. The ceremony, held at the Science Museum London, underscored Neuranics’ rapid ascent and groundbreaking contributions within the deep tech sector over the past year.

Following a successful £1.9 million funding round in September 2023 and its spinout from the University of Glasgow and University of Edinburgh, Neuranics has achieved remarkable growth. The company has grown its team to 15 skilled engineers and professionals, all dedicated to advancing quantum sensing technologies that are reshaping the sector. This expansion has accelerated Neuranics’ development and commercialization efforts, leading to significant milestones in a short timeframe.

A highlight for Neuranics has been the debut of its next-generation TMR magnetic sensor demonstration kits, showcased at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The kits garnered substantial interest from industry leaders, solidifying Neuranics’ presence at major events like the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona and Sensors Converge in Silicon Valley. These engagements have not only boosted visibility but also sparked promising discussions with top consumer electronics firms about integrating Neuranics’ sensors into their products.

As Neuranics continues to innovate and expand, this award underscores its dedication to advancing highly sensitive and scalable magnetic sensor technology. Looking forward, Neuranics is focused on expanding further, forging partnerships with tier 1 customers, and advancing its cutting-edge quantum sensing and semiconductor technologies. The company aims to leverage its advanced sensor innovations to revolutionize the human-machine interface, paving the way for impactful solutions and solidifying its position as a leader in the sensor technology market.

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