New Supervisory Board Elected at Merck’s Annual General Meeting

Merck, a prominent science and technology company, convened its 29th Annual General Meeting virtually today. With a significant majority, shareholders approved all items on the agenda, including the proposed dividend of €2.20 per share. Furthermore, the meeting saw the election of six new shareholder representatives to the Supervisory Board.

In her address to shareholders, Belén Garijo, Chair of the Executive Board and CEO of Merck, reflected on the past fiscal year’s developments and offered insights into the company’s future trajectory: “2023 marked a transitional period where our resilience was demonstrated by maintaining our dividend at 2022 levels, showcasing our confidence in the future. In 2024, we anticipate a gradual return to growth. Additionally, we are strategically positioned to capitalize on long-term growth opportunities, fueled by significant megatrends across our key markets.”

The Supervisory Board elections, held as scheduled this year, resulted in the appointment of new members, including four women. The elected shareholder representatives to the new Supervisory Board are: Michael Kleinemeier (Chair), Katja Garcia Vila, Dr. Carla Kriwet, Barbara Lambert, Prof. Dr. Stefan Palzer, and Dr. Susanne Schaffert. Representing the Merck family on the Supervisory Board, appointed by E. Merck Beteiligungen KG, are Dr. Daniel Thelen and Professor Simon Thelen. Employee representation on the Supervisory Board will include Sascha Held (Vice Chair), Birgit Biermann, Anne Lange, Dietmar Oeter, Alexander Putz, Christian Raabe, Michael Reinhart, and Sandra Schwebke. Following the Annual General Meeting, the Supervisory Board’s constitutive meeting saw the election of Michael Kleinemeier as Chair. Kleinemeier, a member since 2019, has served as Chair since early 2024.

Expressing gratitude for his election, Michael Kleinemeier stated, “I am honored to be appointed as Chair of the Supervisory Board and eagerly anticipate guiding Merck along its continued growth trajectory. I extend my appreciation to the retiring Supervisory Board members for their collaborative and constructive efforts. I look forward to fostering equally productive relationships with both existing and newly elected members.”

During the voting process, approximately 92.7 million shares out of the total 129.2 million issued shares were represented, constituting 71.78% of the share capital. A comprehensive summary of the voting outcomes and additional details will be provided in a subsequent report.

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