Next Sunday… Launch of the 9 th Edition of“Pharmaconex Conference & Exhibition”

● Informa Markets Egypt General Manager: Pharmaconex creates and
provides a large number of economic opportunities
● The exhibition aims at exchanging experiences, development of national
industries, and the achievement of self-sufficiency.
● For the first time, Honeywell® to participate in “Pharmaconex Technical

Next Sunday marks the launch of the activities of the 9 th edition of the Pharmaconex
conference and exhibition, which is considered to be one of the most significant events in the
field of the pharmaceutical industry. Attended by more than 150 exhibitors from 20 countries,
including Belgium, China, France, India, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Spain, Switzerland, and
Tunisia, the exhibition will be held from the 4 th to the 6 th of September 2022 at the Egypt
International Exhibition Centre (EIEC) in New Cairo. Pharmaconex is organised by Informa
Markets, the leading company in exhibition planning and organisation around the world.
The 2022 edition of Pharmaconex will be providing more support to local Egyptian
manufacturers in-line with the Egyptian state’s orientation for the sustainability of the health
sector according to the country’s 2030 vision. This will be achieved through the localization
of the industry, the development of multiple national industries, the achievement of self-
sufficiency, along with expanding the export business opening new markets for Egyptian
products. It is worth noting that the Egyptian health sector has witnessed great levels of
development during the past two years, especially after a number of local companies have
created treatment protocols that have helped make Egypt the number one manufacturer of
medicine in Africa and the Middle East.
In this context, Hany Khafagy, General Manager of Informa Markets Egypt, said: “At Informa,
we are keen on achieving sustainable success by assigning our deliberate focus on the
market and achieving superior results for our clients. Pharmaconex makes the perfect model
for the exceptional services we provide for our clients and the communities in which we
operate. We continue to evolve using insights, innovation, and collaboration. We are
incredibly proud of our commitment to making a great positive environmental and social
impact on both the communities and the industries that we work with. Our aim is to continue
playing an active role in helping the market by improving its sustainability through connecting
exhibitors with visitors in order to help them solve the great challenges that they might face
within the pharmaceutical sector.”
The Pharmaconex exhibition offers a number of benefits this year, including a match-making
program between exhibitors and visitors that aims to identify visitors’ needs and interests
and align those needs with qualified exhibitors. In addition to that, Pharmaconex offers a
lead retrieval system among clients, which is available through a mobile application that
enables exhibitors to generate leads using one consistent app where they can find potential
customers by scanning QR codes on visitor badges. The exhibition also offers documenting

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services that save visitors’ questions and takes down notes, along with follow-up services for
potential customers obtained from the event.
On the sidelines of the exhibition, the “Pharmaconex Technical Conference” will be taking
place, where Honeywell® Advanced Materials, one of the largest American multi-activity
companies and holder of patents in many fields, will be participating for the first time this
year. The company will be presenting a workshop under the title “Packaging Innovations For
a Sustainable Future”, Honeywell® has expressed its excitement with participating in this
year’s exhibition and conference where it will be reviewing current trends in sustainable
packaging, showcasing the company’s vision for sustainability, and presenting innovations
and tools for the sustainability of healthcare product packaging which complies with that of
the Middle East and Africa region due its need of good insulation to protect medicine against
high humidity and temperatures. The company has confirmed its cooperation with its
customers in the region to better understand and identify successful products and the
challenges that they face so that they can address these opportunities collaboratively,
especially in terms of healthcare product packaging and sustainability.
The conference will also include a number of topics, foremost of which is the shape of the
pharmaceutical industry in the region, the practices of good manufacturing (GMP), supply
chain management, current industry trends, quality pillars, opportunities for environmental
trade, and clean factory components. Also, this edition will be witnessing a dedicated
conference entitled “Cleanroom technology conference” and it’s topics will be revolving
around: cleanrooms with surveillance systems, cleanroom microbiology, pollution control
strategies, room qualification measurements, correct planning of HVAC system, sensors in
cleanrooms, cleanroom lighting standards, room hygiene, design standards and
requirements, cleanroom functionality, and sustainability practices in cleanroom engineering
and maintenance.
The 2022 edition of Pharmaconex Exhibition and Conference is supported by the Ministry of
Military Production and the National Authority of Military Production along with the Jordan
Food and Drug Administration (JFDA), the SwissCham, the East Africa Regulatory Affairs
Professionals Association, and the Black Pharmaceutical Industry Association (BPIA). The
exhibition is covering the basics sectors of pharmaceutical manufacturing which include raw
and active materials, machinery and equipment, the latest technology in the industry,
packaging, laboratory equipment, along with all of the aspects of the supply chain in
collaboration with the global exhibition chain “CPHI”, which is the largest international
exhibition in the pharmaceutical sector.

It is worth mentioning that in order to facilitate the visitors’ experience at the exhibition,
Informa will be providing buses to transport those who wish to attend both the exhibition and
the conference from the industrial zones of Al Obour, the 10th of Ramadan, and the 6th of

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