Nominations Now Open for the Prestigious 2024 Tu Youyou Award

MDPI is delighted to announce the opening of nominations for the 2024 Tu Youyou Award, a prestigious recognition established in honor of Professor Tu Youyou, Nobel Laureate, whose discovery has significantly impacted the global fight against malaria. The Tu Youyou Award offers CHF 100,000.

In 2015, Professor Tu Youyou received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her discovery of artemisinin, which has greatly reduced mortality rates from malaria and influenced global health policies. Artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) are now the standard treatment endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO). This groundbreaking work has saved countless lives, particularly in regions heavily affected by malaria.

To mark Professor Tu’s 80th birthday in 2009, MDPI’s journal Molecules published a Special Issue highlighting her contributions to medical research. In recognition of her ongoing impact, MDPI established the Tu Youyou Award in 2016 to honor outstanding achievements in natural products and medicinal chemistry.

The deadline for nominations is 31 December 2024.

The Tu Youyou Award offers CHF 100,000, split equally among the winners. Nominations are open to scientists excelling in natural products and medicinal chemistry. Eligible nominators include academic institutes, universities, and societies. Nominations close on 31 December 2024, with winners announced on 30 April 2025.

MDPI encourages the academic community to nominate individuals who have demonstrated excellence and innovation akin to Professor Tu’s legacy. This award not only honors individual achievement but also promotes further scientific exploration and discovery in critical areas of medicine.

Stefan Tochev, CEO of MDPI, stated, “This award truly embodies our deep commitment to groundbreaking research that drives societal progress and celebrates the legacy of one of the greatest medical innovators of our time.”

For more information, please visit MDPI’s official website or the dedicated Tu Youyou Award page.

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