Novartis unveils new focused strategy, underpinned by eight potential multi-billion dollar peak sales brands & deep pipeline, at Meet the Management event

  • Transformation to pure-play Innovative Medicines company nears completion
  • Focusing strategy on five core Therapeutic Areas, key technology platforms, and the US
  • Advancing eight in-market brands with multi-billion dollar peak sales potential and prioritizing pipeline to focus on high-value NMEs
  • Continuing to deliver growing sales, Core Op Inc, and cash flows with consistent shareholder friendly capital allocation

Novartis directors are meeting investors and assiduity judges in Basel moment, participating perceptivity into the streamlined company strategy at the periodic Meet Novartis Management event. The meeting will allow actors to learn further about Novartis trip to unite technology leadership in Research and Development with new access approaches, helping to palliate some of society’s topmost complaint burdens.

“ Novartis is transubstantiating into a ‘ pure- play ’ Innovative Medicines company. Our strategy is concentrated on five core seductive remedial areas, crucial technology platforms, and the US request, with the end to increase value per new molecular reality from our deep channel ”, said Vas Narasimhan, CEO of Novartis. “ We’ll continue to deliver bettered financials with 4 deals CAGR through 2027 and a Core Op Inc periphery
40 in the medial – long term Our chastened capital allocation will balance uninterrupted investment in the business and returning capital to our shareholders ”.
Focus on US and other precedence topographies including China, Germany, Japan
These eight brands are bolstering growth across all crucial topographies, supporting Novartis aspiration to ameliorate competitive positioning and organically make its US business to come a top- five player in the US by 2027. A ‘ US-first ’ mindset, adding share of US cases in clinical trials and structure capability and gift, among other conduct, will enable Novartis to acheive this ideal. Novartis also aims to be a top- three player in China, a crucial growth request for the coming decade, while maintaining leading positions in Germany and Japan.

Establishing Leadership across Key Technology Platforms
The Novartis portfolio of drugs is shifting toward biologics and technology platforms feting their adding power in diving complaint. In addition to two established platforms in chemistry and biotherapeutics, three newer platforms – gene & cell remedy, radioligand remedy, and ‘ xRNA ’- are being prioritized for uninterrupted investment into new R&D capabilities and manufacturing scale. With over 50 systems in exploratory to early clinical development, Novartis is well deposited to lead the assiduity in developing these platforms and expand our business presence.

Rich Development Pipeline shifting to High- Value NMEs
operation outlined its approach to prioritization of Novartis rich channel. adding marketable focus in five core remedy areas, as well as renewed attention to high- value means that have the eventuality to drive growth in the US, were stressed. The company showcased a number of catalysts set to drive newsflow in the medial & near- term

Kisqali( ribociclib); data from the NATALEE trial in adjuvant HER2-negative bone cancer in both high- and intermediate- threat cases with bone cancer in 2023.
Iptacopan; first phase 3 trial results in cases with ferocious nightly hemoglobinuria latterly this time with further data readouts in other suggestions in 2023.
Pluvicto; phase 3 data from the PSMAfore trial in metastatic castration- resistant prostate cancer late 2022/ early 2023.
Remibrutinib; phase 3 data from two trials in habitual robotic urticaria in 2024 and from two phase 3 trials in returning multiple sclerosis in 2025.
Scemblix( asciminib); data from the CML- CP trial in first line CML in 2024.
The high value late stage development channel is also anticipated to deliver a large number data readouts in the 2024- 25 timeframe. concentrated on driving functional excellence, Novartis participated perceptivity into named early clinical programs where strengthening integration within R&D will help accelerate development and release functional effectiveness.
Continuing to deliver bettered financials
The growing business, with deals anticipated to ameliorate 4 CAGR 2021- 2027, coupled with blazoned strategic moves, will enable perfecting fiscal performance in the coming times. Core operating income periphery is anticipated to increase to
40 in the medial – long term, including the immersion of commercial costs. This bettered profitability is set to drive bettered Free Cash Flow and Return on Invested Capital( ROIC).
operation outlined Novartis chastened shareholder- concentrated approach to capital allocation, pressing USD 53bn distributed to shareholders from 2017- 2021. Substantial cash generation will continue to allow us to balance returning capital to shareholders with investing in the business.
Separation of Sandoz, via 100 spin- off, is in the stylish interests of shareholders
The Sandoz spin- off sale is anticipated to be completed in H2 2023, supporting Novartis intentions in getting a completely focused drugs company. Sandoz is planned to be incorporated in Switzerland and to be listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, with an American Depositary Damage( ADR) program in the US, and anticipated to come the intimately traded# 1 European generics company1 and a global leader in biosimilars grounded in Switzerland.

Strengthening foundations- ESG
Aiming to continue strengthening the foundations of its business including perfecting broad access to invention for cases, Novartis outlined crucial rudiments of its approach to ESG. These include icing access strategies are incorporated in all new product launches and adding the diversity of cases in clinical trials, as well as icing innovative drugs reach further cases in low and middle income countries briskly; neglected tropical conditions remain a focus for invention. Novartis will continue to prioritize its commanding position in third- party ESG conditions and verified that its innovative sustainability linked bond targets are on track.
About Novartis

Novartis is reimagining drug to ameliorate and extend people’s lives. As a leading global drugs company, we use innovative wisdom and digital technologies to produce transformative treatments in areas of great medical need. In our hunt to find new drugs, we constantly rank among the world’s top companies investing in exploration and development. Novartis products reach nearly 800 million people encyclopedically and we’re chancing innovative ways to expand access to our rearmost treatments. About,000 people of further than 140 ethnicities work at Novartis around the world.

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