Novo Nordisk announces the completion of the Forma Therapeutics acquisition

Novo Nordisk announces the completion of the Forma rectifiers accession
Novo Nordisk moment blazoned that the accession of Forma rectifiers effects,Inc.( Forma), blazoned on 1 September 2022, has been completed.

Following the expiration of Novo Nordisk’s cash tender offer for Forma, Novo Nordisk has moment acquired all outstanding shares of common stock of Forma at a price of USD 20 per share in cash, without interest and lower any applicable duty withholding.

Novo Nordisk has been advised by the depositary for the tender offer that a aggregate of roughly shares of Forma’s common stock were validly proffered and not validly withdrawn in the tender offer as of the tender offer expiration at one nanosecond history 1159 pm EST 13 October 2022, which represent roughly91.5 of the total number of shares of Forma’s common stock outstanding.

Following the finalisation of the tender offer, Novo Nordisk completed the accession of Forma moment through a junction of Novo Nordisk’s wholly possessed attachment with and into Forma in which all shares not proffered into the offer were cancelled and converted into the right to admit cash equal to the USD 20 offer price per share, without interest, less any applicable duty withholding.

At the completion of the junction, Forma came a wholly possessed attachment of Novo Nordisk. The common stock of Forma will no longer be listed or traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.

About the accession
For further information, please see Novo Nordisk to acquire Forma rectifiers and expand presence in sickle cell complaint and rare blood diseases

About Novo Nordisk
Novo Nordisk is a leading global healthcare company, innovated in 1923 and headquartered in Denmark. Our purpose is to drive change to master diabetes and other serious habitual conditions similar as rotundity and rare blood and endocrine diseases. We do so by introducing scientific improvements, expanding access to our drugs, and working to help and eventually cure complaint. Novo Nordisk employs about,800 people in 80 countries and requests its products in around 170 countries.

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