OmniAb Showcases xPloration® High-Throughput Single B-cell Screening Data at 20th Annual PEGS Boston Summit

OmniAb has announced its participation in the 20th Annual PEGS Boston – The Essential Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit, held at the Omni Hotel. Earlier today, the company presented an overview of xPloration, a high-throughput single B-cell screening platform enhanced by machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This presentation, titled “Deep Screening in Harmony with Artificial Intelligence for Bispecific Antibody Discovery,” highlighted how xPloration facilitates large-scale data collection from diverse antibody repertoires generated using the Biological Intelligence™ of OmniAb’s proprietary engineered animals. It also demonstrated the platform’s efficiency in evaluating AI-selected antibodies from these repertoires.

Bob Chen, Ph.D., Senior Director of Discovery Systems, stated, “The synergy between xPloration, OmniFlic, OmniClic, and OmniDeep enables new bispecific antibody discovery workflows for our partners. We are delighted that our innovative technology stack continues to make significant impacts on partner R&D pipelines and helps deliver novel, highly effective therapeutic solutions to patients.”

Today’s presentation included a case study on the rapid discovery of antibody panels from OmniAb’s OmniFlic and OmniClic platforms targeting NKp46. These antibodies may be used by partners in developing a natural killer cell engager bispecific antibody. Utilizing xPloration, OmniAb’s scientific team screened tens of millions of cells and identified thousands of unique antibody sequences. They applied OmniDeep to understand natural immune repertoires and guide antibody selection and characterization, resulting in a large panel of high-affinity, potentially developable antibodies.

Dr. Chen’s presentation is available in the Scientific Publications section of OmniAb’s website.

For more information about OmniAb’s proprietary technologies, visit or contact the business development team at [email protected].

OmniAb licenses advanced discovery research technology to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, enabling the discovery of next-generation therapeutics. The OmniAb platform creates and screens diverse antibody repertoires, designed to quickly identify optimal antibodies and other target-binding proteins for drug development efforts. Central to the OmniAb platform is Biological Intelligence™ (BI), which powers the immune systems of OmniAb’s proprietary transgenic animals to generate optimized antibody candidates for human therapeutics.

OmniAb’s proprietary transgenic animals, including OmniRat®, OmniChicken®, and OmniMouse®, are genetically engineered to produce antibodies with human sequences, streamlining the development of human therapeutic candidates. OmniFlic and OmniClic are fixed or common light-chain rats and chickens designed to facilitate the discovery of bispecific antibodies. OmniTaur™ provides cow-inspired antibodies with unique structural characteristics for challenging targets. OmnidAb™ is an in vivo platform for discovering single-domain antibodies based on a human VH scaffold that matures in a chicken host environment, offering a functionally diverse immune repertoire unavailable from mammalian systems.

OmniAb’s technologies are integrated with OmniDeep, a suite of AI and machine learning tools for therapeutic discovery and optimization. Additionally, OmniAb’s core competency in ion channels and transporters further differentiates its technology, creating opportunities in emerging target classes.

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