Oregon Therapeutics & Lantern Pharma Team Up to Advance Novel Cancer Drug XCE853 with AI

Lantern Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRN), a prominent player in artificial intelligence (AI)-driven oncology drug discovery and development, has announced a strategic partnership with Oregon Therapeutics, a distinguished French biotechnology company. The collaboration aims to optimize the advancement of XCE853, Oregon Therapeutics’ groundbreaking protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) inhibitor drug candidate, in innovative and targeted cancer treatments.

Lantern Pharma will utilize its cutting-edge RADR® AI platform to unearth biomarkers and efficacy-linked signatures associated with XCE853 across various solid tumors. This collaboration seeks to enhance precision in drug development by identifying biomarker signatures indicative of tumor responsiveness to XCE853, thereby facilitating future clinical development strategies and patient selection processes.

Oregon Therapeutics is actively developing XCE853 for multiple cancer indications, including drug-resistant ovarian and pancreatic cancers, select hematological malignancies, and various pediatric cancers such as those affecting the central nervous system (CNS).

The strategic alliance between Lantern Pharma and Oregon Therapeutics holds promise for advancing cancer therapy, leveraging AI to propel the development of XCE853 and potentially revolutionize targeted cancer treatments. Through computational tools such as foundational models, machine learning, and large-scale molecular analysis, the collaboration aims to navigate the complexities associated with PDI inhibitors and inform strategic decisions in cancer treatment.

Marc-Henry PITTY, MD, CEO of Oregon Therapeutics, expressed optimism about the collaboration, highlighting XCE853’s robust preclinical efficacy across diverse cancer types. The collaboration aims to leverage RADR® AI platform to inform future clinical trials, disease indications, and potential combination therapies.

Sandrine Courtès, PhD, the project leader at Oregon Therapeutics, emphasized the potential of PDI inhibitors in various cancer types and their role in supporting tumor growth and clinical outcomes.

The collaboration will focus on integrating and analyzing molecular, genetic, and transcriptomic data related to XCE853 using RADR® and its extensive library of biological measurements and oncology experiments. Key objectives include uncovering biomarkers for patient stratification, identifying tumor response mechanisms, and expanding the therapeutic applications of XCE853.

Panna Sharma, CEO and President of Lantern Pharma, underscored the significance of AI in addressing the complexities of PDI inhibitors and highlighted RADR®’s ability to model complex scenarios and inform data-driven development paths.

Under the collaboration, Lantern Pharma will receive equal IP co-ownership and drug development rights in newly discovered biomarkers and indications for XCE853, while Oregon Therapeutics will benefit financially from the out licensing of background IP to Lantern Pharma.

Overall, the collaboration between Lantern Pharma and Oregon Therapeutics represents a significant step forward in AI-driven drug development, with the potential to make groundbreaking contributions to cancer therapy.

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