PQE Group Introduces AI and Data Analytics Division: Pioneering Innovations in Life Science

PQE Group, a prominent consultancy in the Life Science sector, has announced the launch of its new Regulated Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics division. This development follows the integration of AI-based tools within the industrial sector, marking a significant milestone in the company’s evolution. With over 2,000 employees, the Italian Group is now positioned at the cutting edge of technological innovation in Life Sciences.

The new division aims to enhance business process efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining regulatory compliance. By leveraging advanced technologies, PQE Group provides services such as AI-driven decision optimization, risk reduction, and accelerated innovation, all within industry regulations. The 2024 Stanford Report on AI underscored AI’s critical role in accelerating scientific discovery in 2022 and its continued impact in 2023. Despite regulatory bodies beginning to address expectations for these solutions, there is still a need for comprehensive guidance on documentation to ensure the explainability and performance of each tool, as highlighted by Danilo Neri, Partner & Vice President Executive of PQE Group.

Recently, the European Union granted final approval to the AI Act, the world’s most advanced regulation on artificial intelligence, which mandates documentation to address explainability. Neri emphasized the importance of applying penalties to offenders to protect consumers, workers, and citizens without compromising innovation and market competitiveness. The full establishment of this division will solidify PQE Group’s leadership in the sector, offering clients exceptional compliance approaches and bespoke solutions that meet regulatory expectations and the increasingly complex market demands.

PQE Group’s dedicated validation approach is designed to meet current regulatory expectations for machine learning-based tools and Generative AI solutions. The company’s partnership with Canadian firm GenAIz will further enhance its service capabilities. GenAIz, which focuses on using AI to support humanity, has developed a platform to expedite decision-making and execution with improved business insights. This collaboration will bolster PQE Group’s ability to provide innovative solutions and necessary validation packages required by GxP regulations and forthcoming industry-wide rules, such as the European AI Act. Led by Catherine Lunardi, CEO of GenAIz and a spokesperson at the G7 on AI and wellbeing, GenAIz’s AI platform will leverage PQE Group’s global presence, including over 45 offices worldwide.

The Regulated Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics division will be officially presented at a panel discussion and networking event in Rockville, MD, on July 17, 2024. Experts will discuss AI regulations and the future of the industry.

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