ProAir® Digihaler® (albuterol sulfate) Inhalation Powder and Digihaler System to Help Improve Asthma Management

Results from the study showed a dults and children aged 13 and older with uncontrolled asthma using the ProAir Digihaler and its integrated system had 85.3% higher odds of improving their asthma control after three months compared with those using standard of care albuterol inhalers

Physicians reported more interactions with patients on poor inhaler technique based on objective data from the Digihaler System versus standard of care

CONNECT1 is the first clinical study to evaluate ProAir Digihaler and its integrated system compared to standard of care, and the first to evaluate the Digihaler system in asthma control

Teva Pharmaceuticals, aU.S. chapter of Teva Pharmaceutical diligenceLtd.( NYSE and TASE TEVA), moment blazoned that full results from the CONNECT1 study assessing the ProAir ® Digihaler ®( albuterol sulfate) Inhalation Greasepaint and the Digihaler System in the operation of asthma cases compared to standard of care( SoC) albuterol reliever remedy, were published online ahead of print in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology In Practice. The study set up cases who used the ProAir Digihaler had reductions in daily average diurnal short- acting beta agonist( SABA) inhalations and an increase in daily number of SABA-free days. In addition, cases in the ProAir Digihaler group had a advanced number of conversations with croakers
around adherence and inhaler fashion urged by the objective data handed by ProAir Digihaler versus cases who used SoC albuterol inhalers.

“ Asthma remains one of the most common and grueling habitual health conditions in grown-ups and children, numerous of whom have inadequately- controlled complaint leading to increased symptoms, exacerbations and healthcare resource application. Asthma operation is complicated, and overuse and abuse of deliverance specifics is a common problem that contributes to poor asthma control, ” said FlaviaC.L. Hoyte,M.D., Associate Professor of Allergy and Immunology at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado, and University of Colorado Hospital, Aurora, Colorado. “ This study highlights the eventuality of a digital health tool to support asthma operation and croaker

  • case relations and conversations around inhaler fashion and adherence, as recommended by asthma guidelines. ”
    CONNECT1 was a 12- week, multicenter, open- marker, randomized, resemblant group feasibility study to estimate the part of the ProAir Digihaler and the Digihaler System in 333 grown-ups and children( progressed ≥ 13) with unbridled asthma, defined by Asthma Control Test( ACT) score of< 19. Cases were randomized 11 to the ProAir Digihaler or SoC albuterol inhaler. In the ProAir Digihaler group, cases ’ inhalation data, including inhalation volume and quality, were covered formerly or further per week via a croaker
  • facing dashboard. The study’s primary endpoint was clinically meaningful enhancement in ACT score, defined as achieving a total ACT score ≥ 20 or an increase of at least three units from birth at 12 weeks. A Bayesian statistical analysis, acclimated for birth ACT score and arbitrary point effect, was used to understand the effectiveness of the ProAir Digihaler and system with respect to this primary outgrowth. Actors in the Digihaler System group were trained on the use of the Digital System, including instructions on how to use both the inhaler and smart device app. Study Results1
    Cases using the ProAir Digital System( n = 167) had a advanced probability(85.3) for clinically meaningful advancements in asthma control versus those using SoC(non-digital) albuterol inhalers( n = 166) after three months of treatment. In addition, well- controlled asthma( ACT score of ≥ 20) or an enhancement in asthma control( increase in ACT score by ≥ 3 units) was achieved at Week 12 by92/150( 61) of actors in the Digihaler group, compared with89/163( 55) in the SoC group.2 further croaker
  • reported relations due to poor inhaler fashion were seen in the Digihaler group compared with the SoC group( 52 vs 1, independently). The Digihaler group also had smaller overall relations( i.e., office visits or telephone calls) that had been planned during a previous visit versus the SoC group( 54 vs 104, independently). Overall, 85 relations in the cases using the Digihaler System were reported because of data observed due to information observed from the Digihaler System dashboard; of these, 32(37.6) relations were due to increased SABA use. Actors using the Digihaler System had further conversations with their HCP on inhaler fashion and/ or adherence than those entering SoC( 107 vs 44 conversations, independently).
    Original findings from CONNECT1 were presented lately at the European Respiratory Society( ERS) International Congress 2022, held September 4- 6 in Barcelona, Spain. The study’s full results will be presented at the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology( ACAAI) 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting, November 10- 14 in Louisville, Kentucky. About ProAir Digihaler
    The Digihaler Inhalers are the first family of smart inhalers that capture particular inhaler data and help inform cases ’ asthma treatment plan. ProAirDigihaler( albuterol sulfate) Inhalation Greasepaint is the first and only breath- actuated, digital short- acting beta agonist( SABA) inhaler with erected- in inflow detectors that descry, record and store objective data showing how frequently and how well cases use their deliverance inhaler, as measured by inspiratory inflow. Cases are suitable to view their data on the Digihaler app, including inhaler use patterns over time, and can partake it with a healthcare provider to grease dialogue and epitomize treatment conversations. About Teva
    Teva Pharmaceutical diligenceLtd.( NYSE and TASE TEVA) has been developing and producing drugs to ameliorate people’s lives for further than a century. We’re a global leader in general and specialty drugs with a portfolio conforming of over,500 products in nearly every remedial area. Around 200 million people around the world take a Teva drug every day, and are served by one of the largest and most complex force chains in the pharmaceutical assiduity. Along with our established presence in generics, we’ve significant innovative exploration and operations supporting our growing portfolio of specialty and biopharmaceutical products.

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