Revamped Bon Curry NEO Line: Otsuka Foods Introduces Five Enhanced Products for a Flavorful Relaunch, Arriving in Stores on March 4, 2024

Today’s announcement unveils Otsuka Foods’ plans to introduce five revamped Bon Curry NEO products, each boasting a richer flavor profile, all under the renowned Bon Curry brand. Set for release nationwide on Monday, March 4, 2024, these relaunched items mark a significant enhancement to the Bon Curry lineup.

The Bon Curry saga traces back to February 12, 1968, when Otsuka Foods debuted the world’s inaugural commercial retort-pouch food product. This pioneering endeavor leveraged groundbreaking proprietary technology. In 2009, the Bon Curry NEO series emerged as a fresh addition to the brand, reflecting a commitment to innovation.

Crafted with top-tier ingredients and meticulous manufacturing processes, Bon Curry NEO exemplifies excellence. Notably, the inclusion of thickly sliced, domestically sourced vegetables, beef roasted in red wine to accentuate its umami essence, and an in-house blended roux underscores its superior taste and texture.

In this latest relaunch, Bon Curry NEO undergoes further refinement, spotlighting a bolder sauce profile. Extensive efforts have been made to elevate product characteristics, incorporating carefully selected ingredients to amplify umami, flavor, and spiciness. For instance, the Bon Curry NEO Beef Umami Medium variety harnesses veal stock for intensified beef umami, complemented by caramel sauce for added richness, resulting in an indulgent depth of flavor.

Looking ahead, Otsuka Foods remains committed to delivering consumer-centric products that resonate with evolving preferences and values. Guided by the overarching ethos of “Always in the family,” the Bon Curry brand stands as a trailblazer in the realm of retort-pouch food products, poised to continue its legacy of innovation and culinary excellence.

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