RINVOQ® (Upadacitinib) Receives Its Sixth U.S. FDA Approval

  • RINVOQ is now approved as the first and only oral JAK inhibitor for adults with active non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis (nr-axSpA)
  • RINVOQ is the first and only JAK inhibitor approved for both active ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and nr-axSpA1-3
  • In a clinical study, RINVOQ delivered rapid and meaningful disease control based on patients achieving ASAS40 vs. placebo, as well as significant improvement in signs and symptoms of nr-axSpA at week 141,2

AbbVie( NYSE ABBV) moment announces that theU.S. Food and Drug Administration( FDA) has approved RINVOQ ®( upadacitinib 15 mg, formerly daily), an oral remedy, for the treatment of grown-ups with activenon-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis( nr- axSpA) with objective signs of inflammation who have had an shy response or dogmatism to excrescence necrosis factor( TNF) blocker remedy. This fresh suggestion follows the FDA blessing of RINVOQ in April of this time for grown-ups with active ankylosing spondylitis( AS) who have had an shy response or dogmatism to one or further TNF blockers, making it the first and only JAK asset that’s approved for both conditions.1

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Nr- axSpA is a habitual, progressive seditious rheumatic complaint that causes common inflammation, leading to back pain and stiffness, and can not be detected by x- shaft.5, 6 Nr- axSpA and AS are twosub-types of a broader condition called axial spondyloarthritis. roughly five percent of cases with nr- axSpA will progress to AS after five times, and 19 percent will progress after ten times.7

” This rearmost FDA blessing of RINVOQ in active nr- axSpA provides a new oral, formerly- diurnal treatment option for cases who historically have had limited treatment options for this painful, habitual complaint,” said Thomas Hudson,M.D., elderly vice chairman, exploration and development, principal scientific officer, AbbVie.” RINVOQ is now approved to treat cases across the diapason of axial spondyloarthritis. This further underscores AbbVie’s commitment to advancing the norms of care for cases living with these conditions.”

The FDA blessing decision is supported by data from the Phase 3 SELECT- AXIS 2 clinical trial, which assessed the efficacity, safety, and tolerability of RINVOQ in grown-ups with active nr- axSpA. Among cases who entered RINVOQ 15 mg, nearly half achieved an ASAS40 * response, the primary endpoint, at week 14 compared to placebo(44.9 percentvs.22.3 percent independently).1, 2 ASAS40 responses were observed as early as two weeks in nr- axSpA cases treated with RINVOQ. The safety profile in cases with nr- axSpA treated with RINVOQ 15 mg was harmonious with the safety profile in cases with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis.1

” numerous cases living with nr- axSpA continue to witness symptoms and are unfit to control complaint with current treatments. In the SELECT- AXIS 2 trials, RINVOQ demonstrated efficacity in both nr- axSpA and AS with safety that was harmonious across suggestions,” said Atul Deodhar,M.D., professor of drug and medical director of the Rheumatology Conventions for the Division of Arthritis and Rheumatic conditions at Oregon Health & Science University, and lead investigator of the SELECT- AXIS 2 nr- axSpA trial.” moment’s FDA blessing offers an important new remedial option for cases and their caregivers to help take control of their symptoms and complaint.”

” There are limited treatment options for people living with nr- axSpA, a condition that can pose numerous challenges for cases and significantly impact their quality of life as their symptoms persist despite treatment,” said Cassie Shafer, principal administrative officer, Spondylitis Association of America( SAA).” This blessing of RINVOQ is a tremendous step forward in furnishing our patient community with another option to help them reach their treatment pretensions, and to find relief.”

This FDA blessing marks the sixth suggestion for RINVOQ in the United States across habitual vulnerable- mediated conditions, including four in rheumatology.1

Case Access & Support
AbbVie is committed to helping people access RINVOQ and other drugs, including offering a patient support program and aco-pay card that may reduce out- of- fund costs to$ 5 per month for eligible, commercially ensured cases. For those with limited or no health insurance, AbbVie offers myAbbVie help, a case backing program that provides RINVOQ at no charge to those who qualify. For further details, please visitAbbVie.com/myAbbVieAssist.
About SELECT- AXIS 2 trial program4
SELECT- AXIS 2 was conducted as a master study protocol that contains two standalone studies with randomization, data collection, analysis and reporting conducted singly. The Phase 3, randomized, placebo- controlled, double-eyeless studies are assessing the efficacity and safety of RINVOQ compared with placebo on reduction of signs and symptoms in adult actors with active axial spondyloarthritis( axSpA), including bDMARD- IR AS( Study 1) andnon-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis( nr- axSpA)( Study 2). further information on this trial can be set up at https//www.clinicaltrials.gov/( NCT04169373).

In the clinical trial, the primary endpoint was the chance of subjects achieving an ASAS40 response after 14 weeks of treatment with RINVOQ versus placebo.

About RINVOQ ®( upadacitinib)
Discovered and developed by AbbVie scientists, RINVOQ is a picky JAK asset that’s being studied in several vulnerable- mediated seditious conditions. Grounded on enzymatic and cellular assays, RINVOQ demonstrated lesser inhibitory energy for JAK- 1 vs JAK- 2, JAK- 3, and TYK-2.1 The applicability of inhibition of specific JAK enzymes to remedial effectiveness and safety isn’t presently known.
About AbbVie in Rheumatology
For further than 20 times, AbbVie has been devoted to perfecting care for people living with rheumatic conditions. Our longstanding commitment to discovering and delivering transformative curatives is underlined by our pursuit of slice- edge wisdom that improves our understanding of promising new pathways and targets in order to help further people living with rheumatic conditions reach their treatment pretensions. For further information, visit AbbVie in rheumatology.

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