Sandoz announces farther investment in crucial manufacturing installation in Austria, to support increased global demand for essential antibiotics

Sandoz announces farther investment in crucial manufacturing installation in Austria, to support increased global demand for essential antibiotics
EUR 50m planned investment to support increased manufacturing capacity for finished lozenge form penicillins, the leading class of antibiotics worldwide
New design brings total planned investment into Sandoz antibiotics network across Europe to over EUR 250 million
Technology upgrades at Kundl point will help to meet adding global penicillins demand and incompletely offset impact of high energy costs at unit cost position
Sandoz stresses significance of abecedarian request reforms to insure long- term sustainability of European- grounded antibiotic manufacturing and force
Sandoz, a global leader in general and biosimilar drugs, moment blazoned an fresh investment of EUR 50 million to support raised European manufacturing capacity for finished lozenge form( FDF) penicillins, the leading class of antibiotics worldwide.

The new commitment follows plans blazoned last time to invest further than EUR 100 million in new manufacturing technology for product of oral amoxicillin active medicinal component( API) at Kundl, Austria. This investment will increase manufacturing capacity for FDFs of amoxicillin and other crucial penicillin products.

Sandoz also blazoned last time that it was investing an fresh EUR 50 million for sterile API product at Palafolls, Spain. Combined with Austrian civil government plans to contribute or coordinate public backing of roughly EUR 50 million, the total quantum now being invested in the Sandoz antibiotics network across Europe is over EUR 250 million.

Speaking moment at a groundbreaking form in Kundl, Sandoz CEO Richard Saynor said “ Antibiotics remain the backbone of ultramodern drug and we’re seeing fleetly adding demand following the unknown request swings of the once many times. This investment will help to meet that growing patient need, to support the creation of hundreds of new jobs, and to incompletely neutralize the impact of high energy prices by lowering unit costs. ”

Sandoz Global Operations Head Glenn Gerecke added “ This new structure, which will be ready for operation by early 2024, is part of our broader plan to drive long- term competitiveness while making a further important donation to security of force for critical penicillin drugs. ”

The new three- bottom structure will be connected to the being penicillin product installation and will cover an fresh area of 1875m ². It’ll concentrate on bulk expression and fill- finish conditioning for penicillins for global distribution.

robotization, state- of- the- art technology for API manufacturing and simplified processing will allow Sandoz to integrate all product way into a single process in one position, performing in increased capacity and force trustability. The expansion will support a double- number increase in our unborn affair capacity for penicillins.

Saynor added “ Minimizing product costs, particularly in the face of soaring energy costs in Europe, is crucial to our unborn success, but we also need a request frame that’s sustainable in the long run.

“ In profitable terms, antibiotics in Europe are still treated largely as goods, but with one big difference – directors have to supply at fixed price situations, anyhow of force and demand changes. We urgently need to change the operating frame, to introduce introductory generalities similar as affectation- linked pricing and tenders with criteria that go beyond price. ”

Sandoz is the global leader in general antibiotics and has been producing quality antibiotics out of Kundl for the once 75 times. It remains married to erecting on that leadership and continuing a stable force of essential antibiotics to the cases who calculate on them.
About Sandoz
Sandoz, a Novartis division, is a global leader in general medicinals and biosimilars. Our purpose is to innovate access for cases by developing and commercializing new, affordable approaches that address unmet medical requirements. Our ambition is to be the world’s leading and utmost valued generics company. Our broad portfolio of high- quality drugs, covering all major remedial areas, reckoned for 2021 deals of USD9.6 billion.

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