Sanofi invests $180 million equity in Owkin’s artificial intelligence and federated learning to advance oncology pipeline

  • Combined efforts will work to build robust disease models while preserving privacy of large data sets from various research institutions and hospitals
  • Collaboration to focus on four types of cancer

Sanofi blazoned moment an equity investment of$ 180 million and a new strategic collaboration with Owkin comprised of discovery and development programmes in four exclusive types of cancer, with a total payment of$ 90 million for three times plus fresh exploration corner- grounded payments. Owkin, an artificial intelligence (AI) and perfection drug company, builds best-in- class prophetic biomedical AI models and robust data sets. With the ambition to optimize clinical trial design and descry prophetic biomarkers for conditions and treatment issues, this collaboration will support Sanofi’s growing oncology portfolio in core areas similar as lung cancer, bone cancer and multiple myeloma.

To accelerate medical exploration with AI in a sequestration- conserving way, Owkin has assembled a global exploration network powered by allied literacy, which allows data scientists to securely connect to decentralized,multi-party data sets and train AI models without having to pool data. This approach will round Sanofi’s arising strength in oncology, as the company’s scientists apply slice- edge technology platforms to design potentially life- transubstantiating drugs for cancer cases worldwide.

“Owkin’s unique methodology, which applies AI on patient data from hookups with multiple academic medical centers, supports our ambition to influence data in innovative ways in R&D,” said Arnaud Robert, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, Sanofi. “ We’re seeking to advance perfection drug to the coming position and to discover innovative treatment styles with the topmost benefits for cases.”

Sanofi will work the comprehensive Owkin Platform, in order to find new biomarkers and remedial targets, erecting prognostic models, and prognosticating response to treatment from multimodal case data. Sanofi’s investment will support Owkin’s development and thing to grow the world’s leading histology and genomic cancer database from top oncology centers.

“ Owkin’s charge is to ameliorate case’s lives by using our platform to discover and develop the right treatment for every case,” said Thomas Clozel,M.D.,Co-Founder and CEO at Owkin. “ We believe that the future of perfection drug lies in technologies that can unleash perceptivity from the vast quantum of patient data in hospitals and exploration centers in a sequestration- conserving and secure way. This corner cooperation with Sanofi will see allied literacy used to produce exploration collaborations at a truly unknown scale. The future of AI to transfigure how we develop treatments is incredibly bright, and we’re proud to mate with Sanofi on this charge.”

This collaboration agreement will allow Sanofi to work nearly with Owkin in relating new oncology treatments across four cancers.

“ We look forward to working with our associates at Owkin to dissect data from hundreds of thousands of cases,” said John Reed,M.D.,Ph.D., Global Head of Research and Development, Sanofi. “ Sanofi’s investment in the company includes a three- time agreement that will help discover and develop new treatments fornon-small cell lung cancer, triadic negative bone cancer, mesothelioma and multiple myeloma. This cooperation will help accelerate our ambitious oncology program as we advance a rich channel of drugs to address unmet case requirements.”

About Owkin

Owkin is a French American incipiency that specializes in AI and allied literacy for medical exploration. It wasco-founded in 2016 by Dr Thomas ClozelM.D., a clinical exploration croaker and former adjunct professor in clinical hematology, and Dr Gilles Wainrib,Ph.D., a colonist in the field of artificial intelligence in biology. Owkin has lately published groundbreaking exploration at the frontier of AI and drug in Nature Medicine, Nature Dispatches and Hepatology. The Owkin Platform connects life wisdom companies with world- class academic experimenters and hospitals to partake deep medical perceptivity for medicine discovery and development. Using allied literacy and advance cooperative AI technology, Owkin enables its mates to unleash siloed datasets while guarding patient sequestration and securing personal data. Through participating high- value perceptivity, the company powers unknown collaboration to ameliorate patient issues. Owkin works with the most prominent cancer centers and pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the US. Crucial achievements to date include HealthChain and MELLODDY; two Owkin led allied literacy colleges fuelling unknown collaboration in academic exploration and medicine discovery, independently. For further information, please and follow@OWKINscience on Twitter.

About Sanofi
Sanofi is devoted to supporting people through their health challenges. We’re a global biopharmaceutical company concentrated on mortal health. We help illness with vaccines, give innovative treatments to fight pain and ease suffering. We stand by the many who suffer from rare conditions and the millions with long- term habitual conditions. With further than people in 100 countries, Sanofi is transubstantiating scientific invention into healthcare results around the globe.

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