Sanofi’s Board of Directors Recommends Clotilde Delbos, Anne-Françoise Nesmes, and John Sundy as Independent Directors

Sanofi’s Board of Directors has announced its intentions for the upcoming General Shareholder Meeting on April 30, 2024. The board proposes the renewal of Rachel Duan and Lise Kingo’s terms, alongside the appointment of Clotilde Delbos, Anne-Françoise Nesmes, and John Sundy as independent Directors.

Diane Souza, a member of the Audit and Compensation Committees, and Thomas Südhof, Chairman of the Scientific Committee, will conclude their tenure, with the Chairman expressing gratitude for their contributions.

In anticipation of Fabienne Lecorvaisier’s directorship term ending in 2025, the Board will temporarily expand to 17 members after the April 30, 2024, meeting.

Clotilde Delbos, currently a director at Axa and Alstom, brings a wealth of experience in finance from her tenure at Renault Group and various other esteemed positions. Anne-Françoise Nesmes, the Chief Financial Officer of Smith + Nephew PLC, and John Sundy, Chief Medical Officer at Seicmic Therapeutic, also join, bolstering the board’s expertise in finance and science, particularly immunology.

Frédéric Oudéa, Chairman of the Board of Directors, emphasized the significance of these appointments in aligning with the Group’s strategic objectives and acknowledged the valuable contributions of departing members.

Following the Shareholders Meeting in April 2024, the composition of the Board’s specialized committees will undergo a review.

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