Scientific Debate on Defeating Aging Concludes with $10,000 Prize and Surprising Verdict, Promising New Investment Opportunities

A pivotal debate titled “How to Defeat Aging,” hosted by Open Longevity at the Foresight Institute on May 27, 2024, concluded with an unexpected outcome that shed light on the evolving landscape of rejuvenation biotechnology. The event featured Dr. Aubrey de Grey and Dr. Peter Fedichev, prominent figures with divergent views on aging research.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey, President and Chief Science Officer of the Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV) Foundation, advocated for targeted interventions to repair accumulated damage as the key to combating aging.

In contrast, Dr. Peter Fedichev, CEO of, emphasized the stochastic and thermodynamically irreversible aspects of aging. He proposed that instead of rejuvenation, focusing on halting aging could extend lifespan significantly, drawing inspiration from species like naked mole rats and certain bats.

The debate, judged by esteemed academic experts and streamed live on YouTube, culminated in Dr. Fedichev being awarded the $10,000 prize for his insights.

For further details on the debate, participants, and their research, visit Open Longevity’s debates page.

Photos from the event can be viewed here.

About Gero: Gero is a preclinical-stage drug discovery company leveraging complex systems physics and generative AI to advance therapies. Their innovative approach has led to significant findings in aging and drug discovery, featured in top scientific publications. Gero collaborates with pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, to apply its platform in developing novel treatments. More information is available at their website.

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