SkinMedica® Revolutionizes Acne Care for Clear Skin Confidence

Allergan Aesthetics, a subsidiary of AbbVie Inc. (NYSE: ABBV), has unveiled two new additions to the SkinMedica® lineup, developed by the creators of BOTOX® Cosmetic. These groundbreaking products, the SkinMedica® Acne Clarifying Treatment and SkinMedica® Pore Purifying Gel Cleanser, mark a significant advancement in skincare, offering comprehensive and balanced solutions for individuals with acne-prone skin. Alongside the SkinMedica® Pore Purifying Pro-Infusion Serum, designed for use in conjunction with DiamondGlow®, these products complete a comprehensive regimen, providing acne sufferers with a range of options to address their skin concerns.

Acne ranks as the most prevalent skin issue in the US, often driving patients to seek professional guidance,” stated Jasson Gilmore, Senior Vice President of U.S. Aesthetics at Allergan. “For 25 years, SkinMedica® has remained committed to refining scientifically validated skincare solutions that deliver tangible results. The introduction of these new products underscores our dedication to promoting skin health and effectively addressing common concerns like acne.

Clinical trials involving the SkinMedica® Acne Clarifying Treatment and Pore Purifying Gel Cleanser demonstrated noticeable improvements in skin clarity, with participants reporting no excessive dryness. Furthermore, users noted a soothing effect on their skin, highlighting the regimen’s efficacy.

SkinMedica®’s approach to combating acne emphasizes effectiveness while safeguarding the skin barrier, aiding in breaking the acne cycle by regulating sebum production, calming visible redness, and preserving the skin’s microbiome.Dealing with acne can be a daunting task, as many acne products prioritize treating acne without considering their impact on the skin barrier,” explained Dr. Mona Gohara, a board-certified dermatologist and associate clinical professor at Yale University. “Patients often face a dilemma when selecting acne treatments that effectively manage acne without compromising the skin barrier. I am thrilled to offer my patients these new products from SkinMedica®, which focus on regulating sebum production and protecting the skin barrier, striking a desirable balance between effectiveness and minimal irritation.”

The SkinMedica® Acne Clarifying Treatment features a formulation containing 2% encapsulated salicylic acid, offering proactive defense against future breakouts. Additionally, the product incorporates ingredients like niacinamide and bakuchiol, working synergistically to diminish discoloration and post-acne marks while refining pores and enhancing skin tone. With each application, this treatment acts as a shield, preserving the skin’s natural barrier. Priced at $88 MSRP.

Complementing the Acne Clarifying Treatment is the SkinMedica® Pore Purifying Cleanser, enriched with salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid that helps eliminate impurities. A potent blend of antioxidants and soothing botanicals such as aloe and chamomile gently caress the skin, leaving it feeling soft and revitalized. Priced at $48 MSRP.

The new SkinMedica® products are now available for purchase on and through authorized physicians and medically supervised spas. To experience the SkinMedica® Pore Purifying Pro-Infusion Serum alongside DiamondGlow®, locate a provider by visiting For additional information, follow @SkinMedica on Instagram.

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DiamondGlow® Uses: The DiamondGlow® device is a dermabrasion device designed to gently remove the top layer of skin and administer topical cosmetic serums onto the skin.

Important Safety Information for DiamondGlow®: DiamondGlow® treatment may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals with compromised skin quality should avoid this treatment. Patients should inform their provider if they are pregnant, lactating, have any medical conditions, including allergies, or are using topical medications on the treatment area. Typical side effects may include a scratchy, stinging sensation during treatment and temporary tightness, redness, or slight swelling afterward. Rare but serious side effects may include severe skin irritation and allergic reactions.

SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Serums Disclaimer: SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Serums are intended to meet the FDA’s definition of a cosmetic product. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. They have not been evaluated by the FDA.

SkinMedica® Important Information: Most SkinMedica® products are intended to meet the FDA’s definition of a cosmetic product and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. SkinMedica® Acne Clarifying Treatment is an over-the-counter drug product formulated and marketed pursuant to FDA regulations.

For further information, consumers are advised to consult their provider or visit and Adverse reactions can be reported by calling Allergan at 1-800-433-8871.

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